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    GovernmentPresident-icon.png King-icon.png Presidential Consatusional Monarchy
    PersonalityKind, unforgiving, empathetic
    Language(s)File:Australian Aborigines-icon.png Australis

    English-icon.png English

    Japan-icon.png Japanese
    TypeGaul-icon.png Germania-icon.png Anglo-Australian File:Australian Aborigines-icon.png
    AffiliationUN-icon.png UN
    Religion(s)Animism-icon.png Dreamtime Christian-icon.png Christianity
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsFile:Australian Aborigines-icon.png My ture father!

    Japanese-Empire-icon.png My best friend! (Formerly)

    USA-icon.png USA

    Australia-icon.png My alternate self!

    New Zealand-icon.png My sister

    Canada-icon.png Be nicer to your locals

    UK-icon.png Your ok I guess

    Netherlands-icon.png Thanks for the help against Japanese-Empire-icon.pngtraitor!
    EnemiesUK-icon.png Evil fake father! (Until 1915)

    Japanese-Empire-icon.png Why...? (From 1942)

    Nazi-icon.png DIE DIE DIE DIE (BIG TIME)

    Donald Trump-icon.png RACEIST FASCIST GO DIE (BIG TIME)

    Soviet-icon.png STUPID SOCIALIST!

    Japan-icon.png Once a traitor, always a traitor
    LikesKindness, freedom, loyalty, capitalism, democracy, LGBT-icon.png free love
    DislikesCommunism, File:SJW-icon.png SJWs, Extremists
    Historical information
    PredecessorBritish Colony of Australia
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes!
    BörkEmu Emu
    Still getting over Japan-icon.png Japan betraying him
    Australis is a country in Oceania. It borders Tasmania and the Southern Sea to the south, Coral sea and Tasman Sea to the east, Papua New Ginnea to the north and the Indian Sea to the west.

    Flag meaning

    The grey at the top symbolises every race (Black, white, asian ect.), The blue at the bottom represents freedom and harmony, the yellow circle represents the sun, and the white southern cross symbolises peace and that they are in the southern hemisphere.



    Britain found Japan and started trading with them. The Brits slowly started to weaken Japan. When Japan told them to stop, the UK attacked them. However, the people who where in Australia didn't like this. They thought it was cruel to do that to them. Australia revolted. The British, now with two wars at hand, focused more on the Japanese front, meaning the people fighting for the British in Australia where struggling. They surrendered and Australia got independence. The first thing they did was send over weapons and support for the Japanese. The Japanese won and signed a non-aggression pact and a treaty that said that if one party was endangered, the other must help them.

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