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    The Illagerian Revolution

    The Illagerian Revolution was a major event in illagerian history that caused Illageriaball to become independent from Hipnolandball ( Southeast Hipnolandball).


    Anti-Hipnolandi Coalition

    • Illageriaball
      • Freedom for the Southeast Partyball
        • Illagery (President of Illageria)
          • Ivan Salitovsky (Vice President of Illageria)
    • Minnesotaball
    • Canadaball
    • New Wisconsinball (de facto)
    • Superiorball (de facto)


    • United Nationsball
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organizationball
    • Israelcube

    Pact Of Evil

    • Hipnolandball
    • New Wisconsinball (At this time named Order of Wisconsinball) (de jure)
    • Superiorball (At this time the Greater State of Superiorball) (de jure)


    • Chinaball
    • ISISball (Daeshball)
    • Oceaniaball
    • Vyondball

    The True War

    The First Battles




    The Turning Point


    The End of the War


    The Peace Treaty

    Treaty of Oshkosh

    Part 1: land changes

    "Southeast Hipnoland" Will take most of the Hipnolandic territory except for an area consisting of Marinette and surrounding towns.

    Part 2: Governing Bodies

    New Wisconsin and Superior will become federated democratic states, a change from the military junta rule.

    Part 3: Reperations

    The winning nations will pay 250,000,000 US dollars each towards New Hipnoland as reperations for the destruction during the Hipnolandi occupation and to rebuild the area.


    Federative Republic of New Hipnoland

    Dominion of Canada

    Federated State of Minnesota

    Wisconsinite State

    Republic of Superior

    Democratic Peoples Republic of Hipnoland

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