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    Interactive Stories War


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    Interactive Stories War was conflict between Empire of Hyebun under Hyebun I, Empire of Romandy (later Greater Swiss Empire), Kingdom of France and Belgium vs China under Hong Kong Doll, Japan under Eimi Fukada and Grand VROK Reich (Nazi Korea)

    Season 1

    Chapter 1: Getting Started

    Rosa VI of Romandy asked Hyebun I to explain about AV that causes cancer during Meeting at Geneva

    Meanwhile Eimi overseen that Rosa VI might knew about AV however Rosa VI, Anne IX and Hyebun I ignored Eimi's Papers

    Anne IX of Belgium asked Gameloft to get "Journeys Game" Ad Posters and later Gameloft agrees to allow placing Journeys Game Posters in Belgium

    Hyebun's Officials visited Switzerland for Agreement with Swiss officials

    During French Civil Wars, Hyebun, Belgium and Switzerland supported Gameloft-led army called Better French Army and later Gameloft's team was won the French Civil War

    France is now ruled by Mandu III of Romandy after Mandu III's crowned

    Eimi Fukada was more angry after Eimi saw about Mandu III became leader of France and later Eimi asked Rosa VI for trading partners but Rosa VI rejected Eimi's trade offer

    Switzerland signed a special agreement with Empire of Hyebun however Eimi was getting more angry

    Switzerland declared war against Eimi's Japanese Government and later China was joined Eimi's side

    Hyebun declared war against Japan and joined the Swiss side

    Hyebun, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy formed the Anti-AV Team and later China, Japan and Nazi Korea formed the The Second Axis

    Chapter 2: Hong Kong and Macau campaign

    Captain of Greater Hyebun Army Jane Baek is going to Hong Kong for fighting against Second Axis and Hong Kong was capitulated quicky

    Macau was also capitulated by Switzerland and France

    Chapter 3: Siege of Quebec

    Quebec gained independence from Canada and later Quebec joined Anti-AV Team

    Japan sends 500,000 troops to fight battles in Quebec

    During the battle of quebec Hyebun sends 100,000 troops, 50,000 tanks, 10,000 bombers and 5000 rocket launchers for fighting at quebec while Switzerland will fight at battle in quebec

    Anti-AV Team just won in Siege of Quebec

    Chapter 4: Second Axis Intervention in Switzerland and Underwent Battles

    China is starting to invade Switzerland by bombing it however Anti-AV Team was protecting switzerland quicky and invading China, so China was surrendered

    France and Italy was fighting around in Nanjing and later French and Italian Troops was won in Battle of Nanjing

    Chapter 5: Final Sunset

    Hyebun and Switzerland is gonna to bomb korea, so korea was already surrendered

    VROK was went on defunct and Pro-Swiss Korean Leader was become President of Korea

    Eimi was resigned after Anti-AV Team enforce Eimi to deport at island

    Hong Kong Doll was imposed and replaced by Pro-French Leader as New President of China

    After the war

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