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    File:Ponekuika-icon.png Ponekuikabrick File:Ponekuika-icon.png Republic of Ponekuikabrick
    Language(s)Poneki Russian
    TypeFile:Slavs-icon.png Slavic
    CapitalPonekuika Citybrick
    Relations and opinions
    Friends We're both bricks!


    File:Snowland-icon.png Snowlandball

    File:Koshonia-icon.png Koshoniaball

    File:Yakutia-icon.png Yakutball

    File:Finland-icon.png Finlandball
    Enemies Ukraineball


    File:Malaysia-icon.png FLAG STEALER! (not really)

    File:Olaksia-icon.png WHAT A CLOWN
    Historical information
    FoundedNovember 1, 1991
    Is of importants

    Ponekuikabrick is a country located in North Asia bordered to Russia.

    He is mostly known for his extremely cold mountains, being tied for the most dangerous mountains in the world with K2.


    Russiaball-Brother, gives me a lot of vodka imports and television shows. (Masha and the Bear)

    Yakutball-Possible relative that currently lives with Russiaball.

    Snowlandball-We're both cold!

    Finlandball-Another possible relative, thanks for making Angry Birds, a game that became so popular in my region!


    Polandball-Happy 100th anniversary, brother!


    Koshoniaball-Step-brother, we often argue with eachother on who has the coldest mountains.

    Nepalrawr-Mountain rival.

    Sadmerafaball-Let's just say, a CRAZY person.

    Pakistanball-Another mountain rival.


    Ukraineball-WHY DO YUO EVEN EXIST????

    • Ukraineball: Because I do, and I can exist.

    UKball-Borat fucking SUUUCKS!, plus the movie was shot in the VAMPIRE COUNTRY!

    • Romaniaball: Didn't I tell yuo not to bring me up in this?

    Olaksiaball-You are such a clown! XAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXA!

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