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    File:Belgian Xakaw-icon.png Belgian Xakaw File:Belgian Xakaw-icon.png
    GovernmentColony-icon.png Colony
    Language(s)Dutch-icon.png Dutch

    File:Xakaw-icon.png Xakawese File:Xakaw-icon (Crown).png

    English-icon.png English

    French-icon.png French
    CapitalClazawae Cityball
    AffiliationUN-icon.png UNball
    Religion(s)Christian-icon.png Christianityball

    File:Xakaw-icon.png Xakawese Ethnic Religionball File:Xakaw-icon (Crown).png

    Hinduism-icon.png Hinduismball

    File:Xinjalka-icon.png Xinjelki Ethnic Religionball File:Xinjalka-icon (Crown).png

    File:Xalkozesia-icon.png Xolkozismball File:Xalkozesia-icon (Crown).png
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsBelgium-icon.png Belgiumball UK-icon.png UKball
    EnemiesFrance-icon.png Franceball
    LikesBelgian Colony and being a friend with the UK
    Historical information
    FoundedFeb 26, 1830
    EndedSept 28, 1975
    PredecessorFile:Napoleonate of Xakaw-icon.png Napoleonate of Xakawball
    SuccessorFile:Territory of Sbarcare-icon.png Territory of Sbarcareball

    File:Territory of Ashabh-icon.png Territory of Ashabhball

    File:Territory of Greyl-icon.png Territory of Greylball

    File:Territory of the Rama-icon.png Territory of the Ramaball

    File:People's Republic of Xakaw-icon.png People's Republic of Xakawball File:People's Republic of Xakaw (with hat)-icon.png

    File:Xakaw-icon.png Xakawball File:Xakaw-icon (Crown).png
    Is of importants
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    Belgian Xakawball is a colony of Belgiumball to 1830 - 1975.

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