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    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    I do not do April fools well.

    Ahmad Kermani (talkcontribs)

    I was more on Fake Countries Wikia on Fandom and I could not get on the ThatMuslimDude account so I made a new one!

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)


    Ahmad Kermani (talkcontribs)


    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Oh, Yeah!

    Ahmad Kermani (talkcontribs)

    So I had to create a new account because ThatMuslimDude was hacked and I am now a Moderator in the Fake Countries Wikia.

    FallenSoldier (talkcontribs)

    Is Gigitize (My fictional country) friends with Bedrockium?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium can be friends with Gigitze.

    FallenSoldier (talkcontribs)


    Yo, Trayaurette.

    Gigachad (talkcontribs)

    Don't know what "plox" or "pl0x" means?

    It means "please". Now you know it.

    Post War Ukraine.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: Okay, Siberia, Here we are. Ready to look?

    Siberia: Okay.

    [ Both Look out the Window of the Airplane ]

    Bedrockium: Oh, My, Gosh. Oh, My, Gosh, Oh-My-Gosh, Oh, My God!! That is total Destruction that Russia did to this poor Country!

    Siberia: I feel Sorry!

    Bedrockium: Russia should be dead for this.

    Siberia: I see what your saying.

    [ Meanwhile on another plane ]

    USA: The mass Destruction! Fuck you, Russia!

    Canada: Yeah.

    [ Meanwhile on the Ground ]

    Russia: [ Down to it's last Soldier ] I have more soldiers! [ Sees that there are no more ] WTF?! I used up all my men?! I had 32 Million!

    Ukraine: [ With 10 Soldiers left ] I Just lose Soldiers... I have plenty of men left!

    Russia: [ Retreats for the Final time ]

    [ One Hour Later ]

    Russia: Ukraine, I will accept Defeat. You win!

    Ukraine: Good.

    [ One Hour Later ]

    Ukraine: [ Sighs ] Wait a minute, is there nothing left?

    Bedrockium: If I Die Young, Bury me in Satin, Lay me down on a bed of roses sink me into the river at dawn...

    Ukraine: [ Shows Tears ]

    Bedrockium: The Destruction that Country put on you, Very Horrific!

    Ukraine: I got nothing left! [ Cries ] My Nuclear plant is destroyed, I lost my steel plant. I lost everything!

    Bedrockium: I got Siberia here with me. let's Just wait until the others come. You got a working power source?

    Ukraine: I only got one and only one working WIFI, it's in a McDonald's in Kyiv.

    Bedrockium: Wanna play Minecraft with me and Siberia until the others come?

    Ukraine: Sure.

    [ Later ]

    USA: [ Reading ] We are at McDonald's, meet us there.

    Canada: Okay.

    Britain: Looks like we are meeting Bedrockium and Siberia there.

    EU: Okay.

    China: Hey, you are all gonna lose Social Credit if you don't invite me!

    USA: Join the Party, China, You did Support Ukraine in the past.

    China: I still Support Ukraine,

    [ 12 Minutes Later ]

    Bedrockium: You can't remake Roanokium in Minecraft!

    Ukraine: There's an Ingot in your name.

    Bedrockium: Uh, Okay.

    Ukraine: is the Dark sunny sky how your skies are?

    Bedrockium: IDK...

    Siberia: Time to Terraform the ICE PLAINS and COLD TAIGA into Industries!

    Bedrockium: You're interested into Industries now!

    Siberia: Yeah.

    USA: Hey Bedrockium.

    Bedrockium: Looks like the Gang is here, The USA, the EU, Canada, and Britain! and China?! who brung China here?!

    WORLD WAR 3 HAPPENED!!!!! (Not Really, Don't shoot the messenger)

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    It didn't happen yet! Please do not shoot the messenger!

    Bedrockium: OMG!! IS WORLD WAR 3 HAPPENING?!






    Bedrockium: Pacific Continent!! Assemble! We are going to war with Russia!

    Westopolis: IDK if the west will trust me...

    Bedrockium: They will trust you, are you on Ukraine's side?

    Westopolis: Yeah, I will fight for Ukraine.

    Bedrockium: Okay, stop being this depressed and start getting ready! We are officially at War with Russia!!

    Siberia: Okay!!

    [ The Whole Pacific Continent Declares war on Russia ]

    Companies Ready for War!

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: My Companies have their own Military, Russia!

    Walmart Bedrockium: I'm ready for war!

    Food Lion Bedrockium: Yeah, Me too!

    Lego Group in Bedrockium: I can make ACTUAL METAL Lego guns!

    Dollar Tree Bedrockium: I can still go to War!

    Tesla Bedrockium: I can make my Cars have armour and weapons!

    Bedrockium: You See, Russia?! I got a lot more than Just Countries as Allies! My Companies can also go to war!

    Walmart Bedrockium: Yeah and us Companies got 1,250,000 Troops Each! We ain't scared!

    USA: How can-- Bedrockium, how is that possible?!

    Bedrockium: The Staunton Kmart Mall Conflict! that's what started these Companies to get their own Military! and I allowed them!

    McDonald's Bedrockium: Us Cafes can provide food!

    Bedrockium: You See, USA?! My Companies are actually war ready!

    USA: Why aren't my companies ready?

    Walmart Bedrockium: Uh, Walmart USA?

    Walmart USA: Yes?

    Walmart Bedrockium: I keep telling you this, You need to get ready for war!

    Walmart USA: It's not gonna happen...

    Walmart Bedrockium: This idiot doesn't understand... when war comes, he's not gonna be ready!

    Kmart Bedrockium: I don't have a USA Counterpart.

    Kmart Australia: You have Me!

    Kmart Bedrockium: Okay, You need to get ready for war!

    Kmart Australia: Same as Walmart USA--

    Kmart Bedrockium: Idiot! this idiot doesn't understand either!

    Walmart Bedrockium: I don't think American Companies will understand at all!

    Food Lion Bedrockium: Food Lion USA is an idiot too!

    McDonald's Bedrockium: Yeah, So is McDonald's USA!

    USA: I don't they are concerned at all... their loss... Uh, How many troops do you Companies have?

    Walmart Bedrockium: 1,250,000 Troops for each Company.

    USA: WHOA!! Do Banks in Bedrockium have Troops too?!

    Wells Fargo Bedrockium: Yes We do!

    Toys "R" Us Bedrockium: I still have my Military in action, even though I have no more stores!

    USA: How did you get Money to have a Military?!

    Toys "R" Us Bedrockium: I had two Money systems, one for Stores and one for Military, I Just have the Military system now, the Store system is gone.

    Bedrockium: Yeah, Amazon did that. I banned Amazon from my area.

    Sears Bedrockium: Same with Toys "R" Us Bedrockium, I'm still in business!

    Kmart Bedrockium: What the--?! Never mind...

    Bedrockium: So, Yeah, Russia, You Better watch out! I have more than my Country Allies with me!

    Russia: This is gonna be a problem if his Companies have the same amount of Troops as USA does... it's like 1.25 Million times I don't know! All I can tell that this is gonna be a problem!

    Belarus: Maybe you should Just quit?

    Russia: No, Belarus, I'm not quitting! I can take out all of his Companies!

    Belarus: my goodness, you are gonna need more than your Population!

    Amazon: Bedrockium, Get this thru your thick head! I cannot help that Walmart closed one of it's stores!

    Bedrockium: We might wage an Economic War, Amazon! we might go to real war with each other!

    Amazon: But I hate Russia! If I set up Military stuff in your area, I'm not gonna set up Store System.

    Bedrockium: Okay, Just Military stuff. and do not go to war with Walmart while you are at it!

    Amazon: Okay. How many troops am I allowed to have?

    Bedrockium: same as other companies, 1.25 Million Troops.

    Amazon: Okay.

    Bedrockium: I'm gonna keep my eye on him, Just in case he tries anything funny!

    Russia: DARN!! HE'S GONNA HAVE MORE THAN 10,000,000 TROOPS IF HE HAS HIS COMPANIES INVOLVED!! I need a plan! Now think!!

    Democratic People's Republic of Dakota.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    What would happen if North Dakota had the same government as North Korea and if North Dakota was also nuke addictive like North Korea?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    I lonked most of your other projects to the Cold War page. Or do you want me to put them somewhere else?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    That's Cool! Thanks! wanna also edit World War 5 2022-2042? it has SATO in it.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)


    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    Military Talks between Brickstions and Westopolis

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: Westopolis, this is Bedrockium, Lay down your arms and surrender to the Bedrockiunese Army.

    Westopolis: Never! We will keep our country living.

    Bedrockium: Westopolis, you have caused Civil Wars in Bolivia, Sudan, Ecuador, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and Zedroball, those are acts of aggression. I think it's high time to surrender to the Bedrockiunese Army.

    Westopolis: our president has something to say to you.

    Bedrockium: What is it? Not that I'll listen. but go ahead.

    Westopolis: GO TO HELL!!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Well, time to join war.. Westopolis, you have betrayed my trust. Don't you see why you are this hated? You will perish!

    Sato then declares war.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Westopolis: I can stand being attacked by Three nations!

    Bedrockium: SATO isn't a country, It's a military alliance.

    Redrock: I see your problem Bedrockium, I will help you. **Declares War on Westopolis**

    Zedroball: Westopolis caused a Civil War in my area! I will declare war on him if I finish dealing with my rebels!

    Bedrockium: Okay.

    NATO: We have told Westopolis to lay down it's arms but Westopolis won't listen.

    Bedrockium: Well, We will have to take Westopolis by force!!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    "How much more does it take to defeat Westopolis?"

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: I don't know!

    Redrock: **Helps Bedrockium with the invasion**

    EU: I'm gonna sanction Westopolis!

    Bedrockium: We need full force! Westopolis! Give Up!

    Westopolis: **Sends Libya into a Civil War**

    Bedrockium: Why are you targeting SATO? that is aggression!

    Westopolis: **Sends South Korea and North Korea to declare war on each other**

    Bedrockium: **Stammering** You-- Japan-- Korea-- Chi-- Taiwan-- Me-- SATO-- Red-- Zedr-- **Groans** SATO, how much does Westopolis have as Military budget?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    "Don't worry, his troops are useless and I can easily airstrike him."

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Russia: Stop the aggression SATO!!


    Russia: I'm not! I'm on your side! I don't want SATO to Join the war though!

    Bedrockium: So in a way, you are Westopolis's side when it comes to SATO attacking Westopolis, RIGHT?!

    Russia: Yeah.

    Bedrockium: **Gets so mad that Bedrockium Nukes Westopolis**

    SATO: **Nukes Westopolis too**

    Russia: THAT DOES IT SATO!! **Declares War on SATO**

    Bedrockium: OH, NO, YOU JUST DID NOT!!

    Brickstions: Don't Worry, Bedrockium, NATO is putting 324,000 troops on Eastern Europe. and Siberia is putting 1,000,000 troops in Western Siberia.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: "What the fuck Russia? I trusted you, I traded with you, and you're gonna declare war just because of Westopolis? You two have some sercet relationship."

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Is it Okay if I kick all the african Nations and and replace them with New Zealand? I don't want to lose the N in my name.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    I guess.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: SATO, I'm gonna offer you a base in Richmondium, Bedrockium. Will you take it?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    "I appect, we should improve our relationship against Westopolis and Russia. Now I will give you heavy weapons and missiles as I help African Jnion with the debt crisis.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: Uh, SATO? I hate to break this to you. but can I tell you?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: *Coughs* What do you have to describe me? I have been transferred to Iran.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: Libya Defuncted, I investigated on how Libya defuncted and turns out, It was China that did it.

    There's also a new Chinese Military growing in China called the "Chinese Liberation Front" this military seeks to overthrow the communist party.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Gladly Iran hasn't gotten bankrupt. But we shall aid the African Populists in hope they can reform the contient.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: I'm gonna stay out of that... because I'm afraid that this might not go as you think it should go. but I will support you in trying to reform the continent.

    also China wants Taiwan to be reunifyed to China so bad.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: "I may stay out of that. But I will recover the economy in Libya before we can expand to the rest."

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    CLF (Chinese Liberation Front) : **Talks to China aggressively**

    Brickstions: You can't actually do anything until China actually invades Taiwan, CLF.

    CLF: **Scoffs** Fine, Fine, Fine! I'll Just wait for China's response. plus, I'm actually against China!

    Brickstions: I know you are. but some others don't know it. SATO. this Civilian Military group is actually against China. He's called the Chinese Liberation Front, also known as the CLF. He has a short temper towards China. but does not have a short temper towards the others.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: What brings you against the PRC? I always thought the CCP had many civilians as supporters, or are you an anti-communist political front"

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    CLF: I am a growing Civilian Military group to seek to topple the CCP if China invades Taiwan. I am currently hiding in Thailand, Vietnam and Bedrockium, I have 3,000,000 troops and will get more if China invades Taiwan. I am currently short tempered towards China but normal tempered towards you. and also, I heard there's a new union called the African Populist Union. or the APU. what is that?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: They're populists, which the idea on its own can be both left and right wing. They want to otherthrow the curropt African elites in favor of (usually) democratic governments serving the African people.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    USA: Westopolis sunk my ship!!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Should you just go to war?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    USA: With Westopolis?! Yeah! I think so! that was the last straw! **Declares War on Westopolis**

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: How is Westopolis not dead at this point? There has to be someone behind this!

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Investigate on who is behind this.

    Brazil: **Declares War on Westopolis**

    Brickstions: We got another player against Westopolis!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Good news, the Libyan economy has been reaching an economy. Now we will try to distance from the West and the East to prevent something like this again.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Can you investigate who is helping Westopolis?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Sure, although I already got a feeling on who it is.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Who is backing Westopolis?

    EinsteinBionsang2004 (talkcontribs)

    Democratic Republic of Guy: We both hate Westopolis.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Oh, Look! another country that hates Westopolis! that is good! I have also been figuring how on who is backing Westopolis. but for some reason, I can't figure out who is doing it...

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    Any chance it could be a superpower?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Siberia: I think it's Russia!

    Taiwan: I think It's China!

    Bedrockium: Maybe it could be both. I don't know, SATO, did you investigate? who is it?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: My spies has been sent to the Westopolis office and stolen some records. Of course I know that Russia got mad for using weapons against Westopolis despite Russia claiming to be fighting Westopolis.

    From one of the records, I can hear a tough accent.

    This post was hidden by Trayaurette (history)
    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Bedrockium: Uh, SATO? Russia is now using my currency as it's official currency and so is Iran. They are not suppose to do that!! What can I do?!

    Also, Zedroball is at war with China. I'm trying to get this to stop but Zedroball wouldn't listen

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: How did the Russian's get to your banks? I think Russia has spies. And oh, for China I will try to avert war and promote peace.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Siberia: Pakistan, Stop!

    Pakistan: Stop putting troops on China borders, or I will declare war on India!

    Siberia: Do it and see what happens!

    Pakistan: You are trying me buddy. YOU ARE REALLY TRYING ME!!


    Pakistan: I'm not gonna stop claiming it!

    Siberia: That is India's land! not yours!

    India: Thanks!

    Siberia: If you are willing to go to war with India over that bit of land, then I won't be bothered to be at war with you! you got it?!

    Pakistan: Got it.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: So I've been hearing about the Chinese Debt Trap the APU is trying to remove. Anyways, my leader Gaddafi is dying.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Oh, No! keep him alive! if he dies, then the whole alliance dies!

    CLF: Is it too early to declare war on China?

    Brickstions: Yes it is, CLF.

    CLF: Aww...

    Brickstions: but you do want the new China to be part of Brickstions if you topple the CCP, right?

    CLF: Yes, I do, most definitely I do.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Well, his son is planning to take over. He has the same mindset as Gaddafi.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Uh, SATO, I don't mean to rain on your parade but, Saudi Arabia is actually touching the African Nations now, The Red Sea closed. and I'm afraid that China might play off Saudi Arabia if Saudi Arabia is touching the African Nations.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: What does that mean?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Saudi Arabia was safe from China because of the Red Sea. but now that the Red Sea Closed, China might have more countries to put into debt with China.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: W-what caused this? Tectonic plates?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: I think so, I don't know what to do. China is gonna try something with Saudi Arabia now. I think China is gonna play off me!!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Refuse all debt, that's what the APU did.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Djibouti is gone, Not by China's debt trap, not by it's economy, but completely gone as in Yemen's borders overtook Djibouti's land, Eritrea lost some of it's land and Ethiopia lost a tiny bit of land, all of this was because of Yemen's borders.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)


    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Remember when I said Africa is touching Saudi Arabia and Yemen now? yeah, Yemen Just took over all of Djibouti and parts of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: WE HAVE NO OPTION BUT TO WILL DECLARE WAR ON YEMEN!! They can't annex land from our members!

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Djibouti wasn't a member but Okay...

    Yemen: That was natural, I didn't annex Djibouti, my area Just took over Djbouti's area!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    Well, can you try to recover the country? I got 1,500 troops at your borders and I'm worried.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Yemen: Why do I have to sacrifice part of land?

    Brickstions: Meanwhile, I'm trying to create the Africa-Asia Border. It's to the east of Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea and to the West of Israel and Saudi Arabia, North of Somalia and south and west of Yemen, also trying to create the Europe Africa border, It's to the south of Spain and north of Morocco.

    Yemen: I don't want to sacrifice my land! I'm happy with my land!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    "Why did I not think of a peaceful resolution? I'm just becoming as warmongering as my rival and arch-enemy".

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Sodor: Got a visit from a Russian Engine, decided to rip him wheel from wheel.

    Bedrockium: Ha-Ha! Good Job!

    Sodor: Thanks!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    Was there an action or comment by the Russian train?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Sodor: He said that Russia will take over Sodor multiple times, so, my engines decided to Just rip him apart wheel from wheel, if anymore Russian engines come, I will do the same thing to them.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    "Well, too bad for that, Russia itself lost 2/3 of their land and many of their allies aswell. What makes them think they could take over? My economic recovery will empower me to continuing prospering from the Gaddafi/Third Theory model"

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Well, Russia is still at war with Ukraine and Siberia. Siberia is holding off super well while Ukraine is Just fighting for it's life. Russia made food, Oil, Gas, Coal and Energy as weapons. Luckily, Siberia has plenty of that, Siberia would even consider giving what Europe needs to them, including Oil, Gas, Coal, and Energy, Siberia would even give wheat to African Nations and West Asian Nations.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)


    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)


    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: While you declare war on Russia, I'm on my way to recovering Djibouti, and totally not expanding to neutral countries.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Okay, You do that, Russia has also made a Terrorist group called the CSL in Libya

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Wait, what?! Damnit, I will act to speed up my plans and take down this opposition!

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)


    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: That's why Bedrockium's Relations with Russia is so low that Everything can trigger a War. Siberia's Relation with Russia is lower than that because Siberia is at war with Russia. My other members have made it to where Everything can trigger a war. all except Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia and Russia are partners.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: We will take three months of brutal action. And may not not kill many civilans

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Not yet, not till I declare war on Russia, and I won't do it until NATO does it... and who knows how long that'll be...

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Libya will end the crisis btw. Operation Tripoli starts now!

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Meanwhile, I wait for NATO to declare war on Russia... I can wait, NATO. Take as long as you want. someday you will declare war on Russia, and if you do, I will too. Bedrockium and Russia are in hostile relations with each other and Bedrockium cannot wait to beat the crap out of Russia. so NATO, I will declare war on Russia if you declare war on Russia.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Meanwhile, What are all the things your trying to do, Sato?

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: "I will enable peacekeeping between Bedrockium and Bedrockvfprces, than I will crush all rebels in Libya. It will take long to defeat one other."

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: What? You saw what happened Between Bedrockium and Bedrock?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Oh Yeah, Friendly Fire. I forgot...

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: SATO, You better watch out, because almost everyone is trying to Scramble for Africa. like they did in 1800s. They are trying to colonize Africa.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Decolonization was over, and they won't put the natives into slavery again because I spent a part of my time tightening control over my members. They won't touch Asia too.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Well, They are not colonizing it, but they are still Scrambling for it.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: I shouldn't believe you. Why is that? Did they not know the destruction?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: I'm sorry I did that, Okay? no more. NATO and EU are also sorry, but China is refusing to give into your demands

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: "Alright, what does China want now?!" SATO says, grabbing a crowbar. It's time we address the civil war in China.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    CLF: I don't want to fight China yet, I am still waiting until China declares war on Taiwan and when China does, I will declare war on China.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: That would just take forever!

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    CLF: It's not gonna be long! PLA Forces has surrounded Taiwan! Plus I have more troops that The PLA does. about 1,300,000 More Troops. Total is 3,500,000, PLA's Total is 2,200,000

    Bedrockium: I have 5,000,000 Troops.

    Siberia: I have 10,500,000 Troops.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: So when you take over China you won't oppose us, right?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    CLF: Right, I'm not as Damage Economy like as China is.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    SATO: Oh thank god. We will secretly arm you from China, but we must make sure you're worthy first. Also only 500 foregin troops at a time, I should not be direct about it as I don't want to break my "anti-war" purposes.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Thailand is trying to betray me. I'll have to give him a warning the next time he does.

    Thailand: I'm sorry I did that! Please forgive me! I still want to be a member for Brickstions!

    Bedrockium: Well, I'll go easy on you, Thailand, You're on Probation. Which means I'll have to keep an eye on you!

    Indonesia: I'm Lucky.

    Bedrockium: That's because you stand against China, Indonesia.

    Saudi Arabia: I'm making nukes with China.

    Bedrockium: You are Oil rich, so you get a pass.

    Siberia: At least I'm still loyal to Bedrockium! He's the one that created me! I maybe still at war with Russia but At least I can hate China too!

    Bedrockium: Well, Good Job, Siberia, Keep up the good work!

    Kazakhstan: I'm like sandwiched between Russia and China!

    Bedrockium: Siberia can help.

    Siberia: You're my ally, Kazakhstan, You got protection from me!

    Kazakhstan: Thanks.

    TheElectricBomb (talkcontribs)

    Green Ukraine: Can I join BRICKSTIONSBRICK?

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: Sure.

    Trayaurette (talkcontribs)

    Brickstions: The PLA is still acting aggressive, I'm very worried about this. What if China does declare war on Taiwan?! What will I do?!

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