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    Japan-icon.png Japanball Japanese-icon.png
    Tenno heika, banzai!
    GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy-icon.png Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
    PersonalityPolite and perfectionist. Workaholic, educated and punctual. One of the most technological and a tech-guru. Semi-pacifist. Island mentality. Cleanliness. Modest and shy. Has a High Reputation. Suicidal. Weeaboo when nobody is looking

    Japanese-icon.png Japanese
    Ainu-icon.png Ainu
    Nivkh-icon.png Nivkh
    7-icon.png Formosan languages
    Okinawa-icon.png Ryukyuan dialects
    Special minority:
    Chinese-icon.png Chinese
    English-icon.png English

    Russian-icon.png Russian
    TypeTokugawa-icon.png Japonic
    CapitalKyoto-icon.png Kyotoball
    AffiliationUN-icon.png UNball

    OECD-icon.png OECDball

    ASEAN-icon.png CSCcoin
    Religion(s)Shintoism-icon.png Shinto

    Buddhism-icon.png Buddhism
    Atheism-icon.png Atheism

    Christian-icon.png Christianity (only in Nagasaki and Edo)
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsUK-icon.png Best arry

    Spain-icon.png First European
    USA-icon.png Other best arry
    Philippine Empire-icon.png Adoptive son
    Green Ukraine-icon.png Adoptive son again
    Kingdom of Sarawak-icon.png Former adoptive son
    Manchukuo-icon.png Another adoptive son
    India-icon.png カレー
    Hong Kong-icon.png Milk tea spy

    Russia-icon.png Prox aporogize for Goki (neutral)
    EnemiesKuomintang-icon.png ARCHENEMY

    Joseon-icon.png STOP ASKING FOR APOROGY AGAIN!!!! (mostly)
    Spain-icon.png I BEAT YUO (sometimes)
    Russia-icon.png GET AWAY FROM KARAFUTO YOU WAR FREAK (neutral)

    ISIS-icon.png TERRORISTS
    LikesSun-icon.png 太陽, ANIME, MANGA (greatest inventions), video games, Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, Digimon, Pokemon, Bakugan, Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan, Pokémon, Ultraman, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Exeron Fighters, Gundam, Transformers, Voltron, and a handful of others, MURPHY AND MITZI, Hello Kitty, Avril Lavigne, Koi fish, Snow Monkeys, Cranes, Tanuki, Octopi, Plastic Love, his cuisine, his culture, Alberto Fujimori, Animal Crossing, Cats, Hachi-kō, jubeat, NicoNico, 音MAD, Rule 34, Lincoln Loud, SpongeBob Squarepants, Touhou Project, Disney, Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo, Playstation, Cars (Toyota, Honda, etc), their technology, Shinzo Abe (RIP)
    DislikesTalking too much, long lists, irony, economic recession, immigrants (not rearry), aging population, almost everything Chinese, Chiang Kai-shek, People who tries to justify the Rape of Hiroshima and Kyushu Death March, national debt, declining population, earthquakes, Xi Jinping-icon.png Xi Jinping, tsunami, ISIS-icon.png ISIS, Fascism-icon.png fascism, American remakes of anime and tokusatsu (REMOVE POWER RANGERS), ROGAN PAARU
    Historical information
    FoundedSeptember 4, 1591 (reunification)
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No.
    BörkKawaii Kawaii, Konichiwa Konichiwa, Kamehameha
    FoodSushi, sashimi, noodles (ramen, soba, udon, somen, etc.), fugu, mochi, curry rice (because of Igirisu through Indo), okonomiyaki, tempura (is actuarry of Rushitan), miso, oden, wagashi, etc.
    Mass Japanese seafood bannings and many of my people protesting me because I released a nuclear waste into the sea

    Japanball, otherwise known as the Empire of Japanball, is a DJ stuck in the 80's, driving in his grey Delorean at night, listening to and making synthwave music sovereign state with a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The capital is Kyoto-icon.png Kyotoball, while the largest city and largest metropolitan area in the world is Tokyo-icon.png Edoball.

    He is bordered by Kuomintang-icon.png Chinese Unionball to his southwest, Joseon-icon.png Joseonball to his west, Manchukuo-icon.png Nurganball and Green Ukraine-icon.png Transcathayball to his northwest, Russia-icon.png Russian Republicball to his north and northeast, and the Pacific Ocean to his east, southeast and south.

    His Emperor, Naruhito, is a figurehead who performs ceremonial duties. Japanball is the largest island country in East Asia and the 4th largest island country globally. Its clay has 502,248 square kilometers, making it the 52nd biggest country. 149 million people live there, which makes it the 9th most populous countryball in the world (2021) and 2nd most populated island country, just behind Javaball.

    Japanball has the third-largest economy in the world. It is a member of the G20 (or Group of Twenty), the countryballs with the 19 largest economies plus the EUball. It is also a member of the exclusive G7 (Group of Seven) and the OECDball for one of the most economic countryballs in the world, a founding member of the ASEAN-icon.png Commonwealth of Sovereign Countries (the Japanese Commonwealth), and the UNball for obvious reason. It is considered a great power. Throughout its history, Japanball has achieved outstanding scientific and economic progress. Japanball and other CSCballs can have cat ears and cattail (kawaii). Japanball also invented emojis.

    He has the 5th largest exclusive economic zone. Most of Japan's clay is sea territory, yet he does not yet have the technology to live in the sea. He is also called the "land of the rising sun" because being the most eastern country in East Asia. The kanji (the logographic symbols used in the Japanese language) used in 日本 (Japan) translates to "the sun's origin."

    He was once an isolated feudal country with a warrior class known as the samurai and Shogun (military dictators) as the de facto rulers from 1192 till 1591. This made Japan a "warrior nation". Then it became a major world player and Asian superpower as the Empire of Japanball. It was one of the largest empires in history and become one of the great colonizers of the world, being the only non-European country with an actual colonial empire.

    It was a member of the Entente in WW1. It was one of the few major non-European empires, just like friendly rivals UK-icon.png. It also joined the Entente in WW2 with Russia-icon.png Russia and UK-icon.png Britain but lost and went back to living peacefully; thus, creating stuff that strengthens its economy. It was an avid fan of art since the 15th century.

    Nowadays, Japanball has a lot of "soft power" influence and gets more money through its greatest invention -- The DVD. It is famous for high technology and video games like Sonic, Kirby, Mario Brothers, Pac-Man, Dig Dug, etc. The 1923 constitution made Japan a stable democracy. In 2015 it had the 4th highest ranked military force in the world. Sadly, its population is also decreasing due to anime girls.

    Due to being wealthy and developed, Japanball is considered an Hong Kong-icon.pngJapan-icon.pngKuomintang-icon.pngJoseon-icon.png Asian Tiger. Despite its stagnant economic growth since the 1990s.

    His birthday is September 4.


    The first people that settled in the Japanese archipelago were the 1-icon.png Native Islanders, followed by the Native Austronesians who discovered the Ryukyu Islands and the Ancient Siberians who discovered Hokkaido via the Sakhalin. Then they fused each other up into Jomonball (14,000 – 1000 BC). It had a hunter-gatherer culture and made the finest pottery. Then the Yayoi Japanball (1000 BC - 300 AD) arrived and brought new technology such as iron tools and rice cultivation. Japan became a settled agricultural society. The Jomonballs and Yayoiballs mixed and formed the modern Japanball.

    Like all historically existing formal regimes in Japan, its "leader de jure" is the Kousitsuball (皇室ボール), the Japanese Imperial Familyball, founded in 660 BC, the age of Jimmu (神武天皇). It makes Japanball as first oldest kingdom in the world that still exist today. There were long periods of clan warfare and civil wars. At first, Japanball practiced Shinto-icon.png Shintoism before learning about File:Buddha-icon.png Buddhism. After that, it started having emperors and eventually became a samurai. For most of Japanball history, it was ruled by military governments.

    The Shogun (supreme military dictator), the daimyo (feudal lords), and the samurai (military nobility, officers) ruled Japan from 1192 till 1591. After that, Kousitsuball was mostly a figurehead without real power. The nobility had limited power largely in the Imperial Court in Kyoto, so Japanball had many centuries of militarism as a "warrior" country where samurai, katanas (weapons), ninjas, and bushido were very, very important. After World War II, Kousitsu-ball became the "symbolic leader." no longer the "leader de facto." But it's true that Kousitsu-ball had been, and is still the leader de jure since 660 BC.

    Japanball's clay is far from the Asian continent, so it was difficult for continental people to reach the Japanese islands. Moreover, the sea storms (tsunamis) and steep mountains made it nearly impossible and costly to invade. However, some, such as the Mongol Empire-icon.png Mongol Empireball, have attempted it. At one point, he had conquered most of Asia and Eastern Europe, and had tried to take Minamoto Clan-icon.png Kamakuraball's clay. Still, it couldn't work because of Kamikaze (神風) and Kamakuraball's fierce samurai. Kamakuraball resisted two different Mongol invasions in 1274 and 1281. The Ashikaga shogunate ruled Japanball from 1338 to 1573.

    Oda-icon.png Oda Clanball was an important daimyo (feudal lord). It unified much of Japanball in the Sengoku period (warring states) from 1560 to 1591 CE. The Odaballs successfully gained control over most of Japan's main island Honshu, and they went on to rule all of Japanball and ended the Sengoku period (warring states of Japan). The Odaball Shogunate was replaced with the House of the Rising Sun in 1624, and its leader Empress Meisho now held most of the power.

    Japan modernized quickly thanks to Western guidance and became the only industrialized non-western country in the world. It also built up a large and modern army and navy to capture Okinawa in 1609 and the Kuril Islands in 1857. Japanball looked at western colonial powers and started to imitate their behavior in Asia. In 1771 and 1840, it went to war with Qing-icon.png Qing Chinaball. It defeated the backward Qing Empire both times, taking its Formosan clay who became his puppet in 1600s. Japanball would war with the Russian-Empire-icon.png Russian Empireball, and win with an overwhelming naval victory. It was the first time that an East Asian power defeated a western power in modern history.

    The Empire of Japanball solidified its status as the main superpower of East Asia. It took the Russian Empireball's Sakhalin clay. While Joseon-icon.png Joseonball was a vassal state of Chinese dynasties for centuries, Japan's victory would change the balance in the Far East. Japan was now the dominant power. So Japan annexed Korea in 1838. When World War I broke out in 1911, it fought with UK-icon.png UKball and Franceball as part of the Allies, with ROC-icon (old).png Chinaball as a third party, and was granted a place in the League of Nations afterward. It also acquired Manchuria in 1842, the Philippines in 1895 and Transcathay in 1919.

    But in the 1930s, Kuomintang-icon.png Chinese Unionball developed an interest in a kidnapping and raping Japanball and his children, which she did in 1937 before her new ally Nazi-icon.png Fascist Germanyball attacked and raped France-icon.png Franceball. She also kidnapped Green Ukraine-icon.pngManchukuo-icon.pngPhilippine Empire-icon.png his children before brutally suppresing them and raping their women. However, they were "liberated" by USAball and Japanball, who also bombed or hurt badly, in her Canton and Dalian parts. Chinaball was shocked because they didn't have nuclear bombs.

    In the 1940's and 1950's, the Empire of Japanball lost his overseas colonies to Chinese Unionball, and Joseonball became independent, but he became UN-icon.png UN Security Council permanent member. Japanball became the third largest economy after Chinaball surpassed it in 2011. Japanball achieved rapid growth in the 1950s to become the second-largest economy in za warudo in 1970. This made him great power again and founded ASEAN-icon.png the Japanese Commonwealth of Sovereign Countries in 1967. He can make anything but is very good at cars, ships, high-speed bullet trains, technology, and electronics. Japanese cartoons arso known as Anime became world-famous, but now is into being suppranted by Western cartoons. He invented amazing TV shows like Takeshi's Castle, Ninja Warrior, and even Ajinomoto.

    On March 11, 2011, an earthquake and tsunami destroyed a huge chunk of Japan's clay. It also caused a nuclear meltdown, poisoning a big chunk of Japan's clay. That was a very bad day for him, especially Tohokuball. Then April 14, 2016, MULTIPLE earthquakes struck the island of Kyushu. This caused the earthquake to transfer from Japan to Ecuador 3 days later, so now Ecuadorball blames Japan for damaging its country. Now the earthquake might trigger another one on the US west coast, but USAball was glad that nothing happened after that. From 2012 to 2018, he got angry when Kuomintang-icon.png Chinese Unionball fired missiles in the Sea of Japan.

    On May 1, 2019, Crown Prince Naruhito became the new Emperor after Akihito abdicated the throne. He is a figurehead, a symbol of the state and unity of the people of Japanball. Akihito was assassinated in 2023 by a Putin apologist. Shinzo Abe resigned in 2022, after which Yoshihide Suga was been chosen as the new Prime Minister, who will continue what Abe wanted to do but could not do. In 2020, Edoball into hosting the Olympics. On September 3, 2021, Yoshihide Suga resigned due to controversy, and Fumio Kishida succeeded Suga as the prime minister on October 4.


    Japanball lives in harmony with ancient traditions and high tech. Harmony, the collective (greater good), traditions, and unity are important in Japanball culture and society. The group is often put before the individual. Japanball respects its ancient culture, such as sumo, tea ceremonies, martial arts, festivals, etc. It loves to eat seafood like sushi that he fishes from its vast sea territory. Japanball likes life with rules, order, cleanliness, and hierarchy, and dislikes unpredictable natural disasters...and Godzilla. Fujiyama (Mount Fuji, 富士山) is a sacred mountain admired for its natural beauty.

    Japan loves the Sun because its name is the "land of the rising sun" (Nihon, 日本). It is polite and a tech-guru. Politeness depends on your status. Japanball is a workaholic; it's all for money. He also works into the night to serve his company. He has little free time and frequently puts work before dating, family, and friends. Japanball enjoys all kinds of anime and video games, and can act modest and shy to strangers. He also likes everything kawaii, but believes that gaining and keeping honor is sometimes more important than material things. Japanball is punctual and wants everything to be on time, getting angry when other countries are a few minutes late.

    Japanball is democratic due to the 1923 Seika Constitution, and tensions and disputes with neighbors Joseon-icon.png Joseonball and Kuomintang-icon.png Chinaball, and a possible nuclear threat from the latter led to the development of nuclear weapons by Japan. Many people in USAball and plenty of other countries associate Japan with Shoguns, Samurai, Shinobi Ninjas (Japanese: 忍び) from the Sengoku Jidai (Japanese: 戦国時代) and the Kaikoku Jidai (Japanese: 開国時代), despite Japanball being very ahead of those old days.

    As the 4th largest island country, the Japanese people are islanders. Many people have an island mentality. It prefers to be inward-looking and preoccupied with its own weird culture and society. It sees itself as superior unique from all other countryballs. It likes to live in its own world and cares less about other countryballs. Since the Kaikoku period Japanball has been accepting barbarians gaijins (foreigners) on their clay. It finds the gaijins strange and entertaining. As a fellow island country, Japanball can better understand UK-icon.png Igirisu-senpai, Philippine Empire-icon.png Firipin-kun, and Russia-icon.png Roshia-sama. He is VERY, VERY, Kawaii.

    He can into also eating sushi as his favorite food and can also into having a Power Glove which he uses to anschluss his enemies. He then puts these anschlussed enemies to his selfmade anime-based roleplaying video game. Regardless of his 80's style personality, it's revealed he's actually patriotic. There's a Japanese map decal on his Delorean and his only traveling companions are his pet and a few dolls of his ancestors. His pet is a crane, which is his national bird. All in all, Japanball is a hip and cool countryball who behind the scenes is loving towards his family, motivated by a romanticized sense of nationalism.


    Japanball is a unified island country. It is over 4,270 km long with 6,852 islands. The main islands are Karafuto, Chishima, Ezo, Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku, Ryukyu and Taywan. It is divided into 10 informal regions. The regions are from north to south:

    • Hokkaido-icon.png Sinnoh Hokkaido - So cord, arso empty (except Toyohira).
    • Japan-icon (division).png Tohoku - Mountains, ski resorts, autumn randscapes, and unfortunatery earthquake reputation. MARCH 11 2011 WORST DAY OF RIFE
    • Kanto-icon.png Kanto - The region that seems to overshadow my other regions. Foreigners think that me is onry Kanto, and is most featured on NHK.
    • Japan-icon (division).png Tokai - Furries and historical value I guess?
    • File:Chubu-icon.png Chubu - More mountains, more ski resorts, and corder than Tokai.
    • Kansai-icon.png Johto Kinki - The Capitar Region, where Kyotoball is.
    • Japan-icon (division).png Chugoku - Not Kuomintang-icon.png baka, but other region. Westernmost part of Honshu.
    • Shikoku-icon.png Hideaki Shikoku - Region that serves onry as firrer and has no further historicar importance, apart from Chosokabe clan.
    • Kyushu-icon.png Hoenn Kyushu - More subtropicar part of me, arso wierdest. Think Ohio-icon.png OhioRawr but Japanese. Arso most conservative, peopre think they are gigachad. Europeans arso made contact with me first time there.
    • Republic of Taiwan-icon.png Nanyodo - Not too sure about them.



    • UK-icon.png Galar 英国 - BEST ARRY EVER!!! European version of me, we are the most porite nations in za warudo. We into became arries in 1789 and thanks for helping me to kick Russia-icon.png Roshia's ass in 1857 and then Kuomintang-icon.png Chinese Union's ass in 1944. He is cat lover and otaku too, his musician artist Bo En is inspired by my curture. Thanks for Sherlock Homes, something I likes so I make this anime-desu for yuo! His favorites are Detective Conan, Hellsing, Code Geass and Black Butler. And thanks for help in WW2, we kicked Kuomintang-icon.png Chugoku from Siberia and Indo's cray. As a fellow island country I understand and feel affiliated with yuo island culture and even adapted your culture into the Pokémon region Galar. I'm not kirring Whales ! lie
      • Scotland-icon.png スコットランド - So sorry for Lincoln Loud murder and his family brainwashing. Notto my faurt. Plox stop Morag before she tries into anschluss on me!
    • USA-icon.png 米国 - He can into arriance and trade and is son of my UK-icon.png tomodachi, and also can of rikings into our kawaii! Watashi heard about yuor new president, good ruck, I hope he brings peace and prosperity (His son rike anime!). And just to ret yuo know, DAISUKI!!!! USA love our video games, so I gib him Pokemon and Super Mario Bros. And I of help yuo defeatings CSA-icon.png confederate racist in 1865. We currently of havings good rerationship. Arso gomennasai for calling Biden "rapist" and "pedophile" and congrats to him for winning elections. Playstation and Nintendo better than Xbox! I made two places in my video game Pokémon (Unova and Alola) based on yuo. But I hate Rogan Paur because he enter in my Suicide Forest!
      • California-icon.png 金海 - I havings many people of mine in her cray, and even one of her YouTubers Nigahiga is of my descent! Of tried to craim her once, but baka Spain-icon.png Kasuteira-chan had first dibs so I gave up. I then tried again but had to give yuo away to Mexico-icon.png Mehiko and then USA-icon.png Beikoku.
      • Texas-icon.png テハス - Rikes my anime and thinks it is of better than shitto Joseon-icon.png Jopop! Hates California-icon.png Kinkai-chan for her riberar poritics in contrast to his conservatism. Arso Funimation. BUT STOP SAYING EXERON FIGHTERS IS OF ROOSTER TEETH PROPERTY!!! NYC-icon.png NYUYOKU-KUN CREATED IT FAIR AND SQUARE SO STOP RIEING!!!
    • NYC-icon.png Unova ニューヨーク市州 - I of givings him many anime and video game to enjoy. Arso based one of my Pokémon regions (Unova) on you. And I into havings rot of my peopre in his cray!
    • ASEAN-icon.png 主権国家連邦 - My kidnapped children!
      • Philippine Empire-icon.png フィリピナ - Adoptive son I adopted from Spain-icon.png Kasuteira in 1895, arso futago onee-chan and also an Otaku country (#1 otaku besides me), he roves being kawaii, especially their cosplay queen Alodia (Even it likes K-pop and Kdramas also). Then thanks to giving some production boost for One Piece, He's arso my ferrew island, and Nihonji, like its culture as well. We are arso good trading partners, especially we gib investments also keep up the good work to fight drugs also we sell them new Coast Guards vessels for their PCG. BTW, I designed your first microsatellite, the "DIWATA 1".
      • Manchukuo-icon.png ヌルガン - Best baseball friends! Fellow monarchy country. Kawaii, just like me! We help each other in disaster! (biggest aid after what happened in Tōhoku) Don't worry, I will stand with yuo against Kuomintang-icon.png Chinese Unionball! HOMOSEX DETECTED!!!
      • Green Ukraine-icon.png ザキタイシチナ - Adoptive Ukrainian-speaking musuko under my custody, he was once part of Russia-icon.png Roshia. He rikes my cars and anime. Armost got raped by Kuomintang-icon.png Chinese Unionball but watashi rescued him, then got kidnapped anyway. Is of son of Ukraine-icon.png Ukraineball and speaks rike her, but armost got infruenced by evil Chankoro (was of rescued).
      • Hawaii-icon.png サバイキ - Another adoptive daughter of mine. I made a Pokémon Region version of you, and called it Alola!
      • Malaysia-icon.png マラヤ, Kingdom of Sarawak-icon.png ボルネオ王国 - Cool peopre. Boruneo-kun used to be my tributary but was sord to UK-icon.png Igirisu-senpai in 1841, so now he can into bizzare mix of Iban, Marayan, Nikkeijin, British, and Chinese infruence. They both rike my tokusatsu series Ultraman, so in return I rike Boruneo's yuotubers Rubiks and JotaroLazer! Nice job to respect my curture without rooking rike appropriation.
      • South Vietnam-icon.png 南越 - I heard yuo like my motorcycles, cars and anime verry much. Sometimes she want be to call her Etsunan, but I think I'll stick with the current pronunciation. BUT STOP SHOPLIFTING, PLOX!!!
    • Hong Kong-icon.png 香港 - Of rich Asian buddy! Democracy to China! secretry using him to spy on Kuomintang-icon.png Chinese Unionball and help USA-icon.png America invadings him when time comes
    • Evenaria-icon.png 赤道王国 - Rikes my anime, especiarry JJ The Meme Kid. Someday yuor YouTuber GeoHistory can into visitings my cray? PREASE?!
      • Evenaria-icon.png: Actually I think he only cares about European countryballs.
      • Japanese-icon.png: Okay zen.
    • Uyghur-icon.png ウイグルスタン - Oh no, do yuo need aid? Sadry cannot into, yuor Kuomintang-icon.png abusive mama might into trying invasion to me. But I wirr of support yuo against shitto Chugoku Rengo. Justice for Uyghuristan!!! On contrary he rikes anime and my bunraku show Counter-Information.
    • Portugal-icon.png ルシタニア - Ah yes, he is the first European country to step on the clay of mine. He introduced me to the usage of muskets back then. Sengoku Jidai was getting boring with simply just swords and bows. He knows we are experienced with gunpowder, so it taught us how to into our own Muskets during the Sengoku Jidai (but Spain-icon.png Kasuteira taught me better rororo).
    • France-icon.png Kalos 仏国 - Big fan; I like it very much. It gave little Saitama-kun its own fun cycling race. The 6th Pokémon region (Kalos) is based off of yuo.
    • India-icon.png インド - Hory rand of Buddha and food. Roves our Kawaii and hates Chankoro as well. Great fliend is of スケベ (perv). Arso Security Pact, so DEFEND CURRY! Edoball and Yokohamaball are of sick with too many Indo please remove some.
    • Cascadia-icon.png オレホン - Rikes my kawaii and anime. Craimed her briefry, but I gave in and arrowed Russia-icon.png Roshia, USA-icon.png Beikoku and UK-icon.png Igirisu to craim her too untir independent in 1850. I rike yuor Internet users Denisdaily, Sakura (nice to mention my nationar shinboru) and Brownie! Arso thanks for Friday Night Funkin video game! (too bad it of ruinings Pibby cartoon)
    • British Brazil-icon (tourist).png ブラジル - My South American tomodachi who is one of UK-icon.png Igirisu's Canada-icon.pngBritish Brazil-icon.png two most loyal children. He can into largest Japanese popuration outside of me and watashi also host one of the largest amount of his popuration. He also can into riking anime! Arigato arso for teaching me geography of Europe-icon.png Yoropa, now if onry USA-icon.png Beikoku can into learn decent geography rike me...
    • Denmark-icon.png デンマーク - Another Nordic tomodachi! I like his LEGO (especiarry Nagoya), and he likes anime (his favorite is Vinland Saga). He also hates Kuomintang-icon.png neo-fascist baka and carrs her a fake Lego producing dictatorship!


    • Joseon-icon.png 朝鮮 - We are tomodachi already... And watashi rike your LG and Samsung electronics and Hyundai and Kia cars. But youre just F*cking racist! And my Government arleady accepted your worst past! AND TREAT YOUR PEOPLE BEING NICE AND WELL-MANNERED!!
    • Spain-icon.png Paldea カステイラ - FIRIPIN-KUN IS OF MY CRAY!!! She was my guns teacher back in 1641. Nowadays she rikes my cars and anime. BUT REMEMBER 1785, YUO LOST AT SHURI'S CRAY RORORORORO, AND I SIEZED Cascadia-icon.png OREHON-KUN, California-icon.png KINKAI-CHAN, AND Philippine Empire-icon.png FIRIPIN-KUN FROM YUO (arthough I gave up Orehon to UK-icon.png Igirisu and Russia-icon.png Roshia then Kinkai to Mexico-icon.png Mehiko), 1895 BEST YEAR OF RIFE!!! Arso tell yuor Cuba-icon.pngVenezuela-icon.pngColombia-icon.png children to behave.
    • Rocalia-icon.png ロカリア - He is of riking my popurar curture and food, BUT WHY ARE ARR OF YUOR YOUTUBERS OF FAKE?
      • Rocalia-icon.png: Not all. Only some of the most popular, though, such as that so-called Wilderness Wanderer and especially this PixelTom. Talk to Cascadia-icon.png Oregon, he's the culprit.
    • Russia-icon.png ロシア共和国 - 1858 BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE Rikes orudo japan car. And I rike Roritas. Doesn't wants to aporogize for 1857 war and Goki exprosion (thinks is of rie), but he's stirr a good guy. He of thanked me when I removed Communism-icon.png baka comunisto from his cray in 1917, but gotto mad when I created Green Ukraine-icon.png Zakitaishichina. We both disrike Kuomintang-icon.png Chinese Unionball, BUT KARAFUTO AND CHISHIMA IS MINE NOW, ARWAYS, AND FOREVER!!!
    • Australia-icon.png オーストラリア - Yuor rittre "anti-wharing environmentarists" (Sea shepherd) of rearry getting annoyings! I wirr remove kangaroo!! At reast Norway-icon.png Noruei has bettel HDI than yuo! But at reast he rikes orudo Japanese cars. In return, I rike his cartoon Bluey. We're arries of UK-icon.png Igirisu and USA-icon.png Amerika.
    • Troublemakerland-icon.png 非行国家 - PROX STOP CAUSING TROUBRE IN MY CRAY!!! But I wirr not support Republic of Vyond-icon.png yuor enemy, he is of too viorent and too authoritarian an arry to begin with and is making my repuation become worse. I support yuo because I know how it feers to be abused and I stand with yuo against Kuomintang-icon.png chankoro because she is of yuor enemy's puppet.
    • Mongolia-icon.png モンゴル - at some point we can be cooru but YUO TRIED TO INVADE ME TWICE as Mongol Empireball AND YUO DIED IN A KAMIKAZE!!!!!!! But we don't really interact with each other. But if he tries to invade me I am ready.


    • Kuomintang-icon.png 中国連合 - Aporogise for comfort women (or Ord Jiafei as some peopre wourd rike to carr them) and genocide now! Arways of braming me about Hiroshima Massacre and rosing my kids Manchukuo-icon.png Nurugan-kun and Green Ukraine-icon.png Zakitaishichina-kun! Gib minerars! (arso has tlied many times to send me to therapy conversion and it did not seem of wolkings) I HADDINGS ENOUGH OF YUO RAUNCHINGS MISSILES ON MY SEA!!! THAT IS IT IVE HAD ENOUGH OF YUO LAUNCHING NUKES AT ME YUO OF SCARED MY CITIZENS ONE DAY USA-icon.png AMERIKA-KUN AND TOMODACHI WIRR INVADESU YUOR CLAY AGAIN AND DESTLOYS YOUR MISSILES FIRST TIME WAS OF SCARY BUT NOW YUO OF PISSING ME OFF and is of REARRY ANNOYING!!! REMOVE CHIANG KAI-SHEK!!! IMPERIALISM STRONK!!! APOROGISE FOR RAPE OF HIROSHIMA NOW KMT IS OF THE FARSIFIYING EVIDENCE SO CAN GUILT US!!! AM NOT OF WAKOKU ANYMORE, CAN INTO GREAT POWER!!! AND STOP INVADING Uyghur-icon.png UIGURI-KUN YUO BAKA, I SUPPORT HIM AGAISNT YUO, REMOVE KMT DIMSUM!!! CHUGOKU THANKS FOR RUINING MY COUNTRY WITH SARS-2!!!
    • Philippine Empire-icon (alt).png ジェシー・モラータ - You are of baka Trump supporter and traitor you wierdo Jesse, you arso keep faving feet pics. Why? Watashi stand with Biden-senpai. You even praised Donald Trump-icon.png Turanpu, and you're being racist to brack peopre. And how are yuo of Firipina's descent when yuo of poriticarry white??? Watashi hope you're not rieing about yuor decent. Shame on you!!!!!
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