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    Falangist State of Anderaalball


    Note: Im gonna try remaking FRAD into Falangist state.

    East Anderaal
    Death to the Viceroyalty!
    GovernmentFile:Fascist Dictatorship-icon.png Fascist Falangist one-party Totalitarian Dictatorship
    PersonalityI don't fucking know
    Language(s)Offical Language
    File:Maori-icon.png Maori Languages
    Type Angloish
    Capital New Haugecube
    Affiliation U.N
    Religion(s) Christianity File:Maori-icon.png Iwi Beliefs
    Reiism (2002)
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsFile:Franco-icon.png The creator of Falangism!
    Enemies Fake father!
    Pig! sometimes
    File:Feminazi-icon.png Yuo all deserve to be working in the cold desolated mines!
    File:Kosovo-icon.png Not real. fake.
    File:Turkey-icon.png Remove kebab!
    I will never Forgive on what you did in June 7 2000!
    I will one day crush yuo!
    Commie uitschot!
    File:Japanese-Empire-icon.png You took over me in 1941!
    LikesSending political oppents, rioters, protesters, and radical-left groups to cold mines as prisoners and workers.
    Dislikes Commies


    Any left political oppents or rioters

    Being taken over by File:Japanese-Empire-icon.png Japan in WWII
    Historical information
    Founded1935-1945 (restored)
    Predecessor Dutch Viceroyalty of Anderdaalball 1813-1936 Nippon Zealandiaball 1941-1945
    Successor Nippon Zealandiaball (1941)
    Is of importants
    Can into space?No skill issue LLLL
    BörkOj, Oj, Oj, Oi
    FoodEhhhh idk
    Still in the Auckland. North Island.
    Hey guys Eatdatp*say here, today we're gonna find a cupcake store at a town in Eutalra.

    Falangist State of Anderaal aka East Anderaal is a Falangist State, located in Northern Zealandia bordering West Republic of Anderaalball to the west, bordering New Nanjingball in the north and bordering other southern nations.


    Polynesian Years

    In 800s A.D, a File:7-icon.png Polynesian settler and his people have found a island in the far distance so they decided to settle on one of the islands in North Zealandia. The File:7-icon.png Polynesian settlers turn into the File:Maori-icon.png Maori tribes and began spreading all-over the continent creating multiple towns to hunt and survive in the Zealandia megafauna.

    Tongan Conquest

    In the 1100s, the T'ui Tonga Empire has discovered Zealandia and conquered the northern part of it. The T'ui Tonga Empire tries to expand further to the south but is met with File:Maori-icon.png Maori ambush and lost half of it's Zealandia territory.


    In the 1500s, the File:Ming-icon.png Ming Dynasty manage to discover Zealandia and colonize to establish File:Ming-icon.png Ming settlements in the North before losing to the File:Qing-icon.png Qing Dynasty in Eastasia in 1644 and have to be relocated in the colony which is now called New Nanjing.

    In 1698, the File:Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish, English, and the Dutch discovered a region of Zealandia and called it "Anderaal" the File:Spanish-Empire-icon.png Spanish take the southeast peninsulas while the Dutch take the Eastern North land creating a Viceroyalty, while the English take the Southwest and a bit of Northwest coasts.

    Dutch Viceroyalty

    In 1700s, the Dutch creates their own Viceroyalty state called The Dutch Viceroyalty of Anderdaalball a administrative institution territory by the Dutch.

    In 1789, The British attempts to take over the Viceroyalty in order to rule the entirety of Zealandia only to lose to the Dutch and lose its northwest coastal territories.

    Falangist Uprise 1936-1938

    On August 6th 1936, a widespread popularity of Falangism in The Dutch Viceroyalty of Anderdaal the File:Netherlands-icon.png Government of The Netherlands decided they should quell the Falangist movements to stop a threat of a potential revolt in the Viceroyalty. Sadly they failed and the Falangists began staging a uprising in New Rotterdam, seiging any Cities of the Viceroyalty the File:Netherlands-icon.png Dutch Government starts supporting it's Viceroyalty by sending troops and supply to battle the Falangist uprising but the Falangists does guerilla warfare against the Dutch Army causing a lot of losses. In December 7th 1937, The Falangists manage to find the Viceroyalty council members and capture them in a underground bunker in the sewer tunnels at the street of Naukasa, The File:Netherlands-icon.png Dutch decided to withdraw their army out of Viceroyalty cause they can't handle Falangist guerilla warfare leaving the Viceroyalty of Anderaal to surrender to the Falangists the war has ended with Falangist victory and every council members of the Viceroyalty were either become prisoners or get publicly executed by hanging.


    In 1941, the File:Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japan have told Anderaal to join their File:Nazi.gifFile:Fascist Italy-icon.pngFile:Japanese-Empire.gif alliance, they refused because they want to stay neutral, this caused File:Japanese-Empire.gif Japan to be enraged and launch a full on invasion on the continent of Zealandia and occupy Anderaal into Nippon Zealandia while Underground Anderaal Resistance began sabotaging and destroying to fight back against their File:Japanese-Empire-icon.png japanese occupiers.


    In 1945, The United States forces began landing on Zealandia to liberate the continent from their File:Japanese-Empire-icon.png Japanese occupiers, after the surrender of File:Japanese-Empire-icon.png Japan the allies decided to write The Treaty of New Hauge were they will divide Anderaal into West and East, Lose a bunch of southern territories, Give East Jalang a new territory called New Jalang, Put Israel, in Southeast, create a new state in the North of West Anderaal named Kibantaball and a Ethnic Islam State on top of Israel. The treaty was then forced to be signed by Anderaal which causes Anderaal to lose a bunch of its old Viceroyalty territories.


    On September 5th 1965, The leader of the Falangist Government, Brandon the II decided to plan to build a complex palacetype-megastructure located in New Hauge that is larger than the effiel tower and is named The "Brandonpaleis" and is intended for the praise of Brandon the megastructure will take 9 years to build and is very costly.

    On July 7 1972, a Socialist riot (Friday Riot) began in Nieuwe Alkamar, looting, hurting, murdering, and destroying any Anderaal property and it's people. The council of falangists began responding to the riot by sending their authorities to committ a brutal crackdown against the socialist rioters after the riot got suppressed, the participants and leaders were then send to the cold mines as a political prisoners or get executed, few of them fled to underground tunnels to prevent from being seen by the authorities. After this event, every anti fascist, socialist, and other East-Anderaal opposition groups became underground movements and will soon unite into one sect.

    In November 6th 1974, the construction of the Brandonpaleis has been completed and will open in 3 days for the people to praise Brandon.

    1985 New Rotterdam C4 Incident

    On 4th March 1985 7:56 AM, a individual in a black hoodie sets a hidden C4 in the hall council members room in the Hall of the People, at 9:56 AM the hall council members come to a meeting in the room when they were talking about how they will stop the socialist and democratic protests the hidden C4 is begining to detonate and they start hearing the sound of repeated beeping and as they try escaping the room, the C4 detonates injuring 5 and 2 killed. Security cameras show that a black hooded individual set a C4 hidden in the plant vase the individual was identified as 30 year old Rashadin from Israel, the authorities later caught him attempting to flee from the scene in a Jeep and put him in custody and later he was sentence to death by hanging. The incident has caused a ton tension between East Anderaal and Israel, seeing that Anderaal was possibly planning a invasion on Israel.

    Googleland War

    On June 7th 2000, Googleland launches a naval invasion in the Northeast in Anderaal territory, The Googlelandish Forces began invading the north until they are met with Falangist forces pushing them back. The United Nations stops Googleland invading further or else they'll sanction him so Googleland made a peace treaty with the Falangists saying they want create a new colony called Googlelandic Anderaalball and pay war reparations for 2 years, the treaty was then signed by East Anderaal leading to the creation of the colony.

    2002 Rei Religion

    In the Autumn of 2002, A group of the Evangelion fans in New Rotterdam started a Religion that worships the famous character from evangelion, Rei Ayanami. The religion gain attraction from nearby towns, and provinces near New Rotterdam which causes people to convert into Reiism and start worshipping Rei Ayanami like she's a god.

    In August 18 2002, signs of rei blood cults began in parts of the eastern provinces that border Googlelandic Anderaal, and Western parts of Googlelandic Anderaal they're called Third Impactism aka Lilithism, a new way of Reiism where u get sacrificed for Lilith because the "Third impact is coming" the 2 states began eradicating both the cult and the Rei Religion to stop Third Impactism activity but the remaining Third impact members flee to New Jalang or hide in secret labyrinths or sewers to continue cult activities.

    New Rotterdam Protest

    In August 12th 2015, A flock of New Rotterdam Independence Fighters began filling up the streets of the Javus Center, protesting against {{I| Falangist Oppression, and silencing. The protest wanted to force the "corrupted government" into giving them independence and recognize them as a Japanese-Culture state.

    The government of East Anderaal wasn't really happy about the protest because if New Rotterdam gain independence it will cut their easy access to trading in the west pacific. The government decided to use force against the protesters by sending over the authorities to suppress the protest to try stopping them filling up the Javus Center this causes the New Rotterdam Independence Fighters to continue protesting against the authorities until someone threw a Molotov at the authorities which causes the authorities to send over the falangist army to brutally suppress the protest which caused a scene, the media came to cover this event but we're silenced by the authorities.

    After the event the Javus Center was cleared by the authorities, but the remaining New Rotterdam protesters andpeople mourn the ones who died in the event.

    East Anderaal-Wildenese War

    Theocratic Bedrockiunese-East Anderaal Great War

    National Anthem

    File:National Anthem of FRO Andrew (1936 2021).mp3


    • Dutch 73.6%
    • Austronesian 10.7%
    • Angloish 15.7%


    • Christian 75%
      • Roman Catholicism 8%
    • Reiism 15.7%

    Relation Ships

    Foes of the State

    • Armeniaball - we zullen je verdedigen vanaf de kebab.


    Enemies of the State

    • USAball - zwaarlijvig kapitalistisch varken!
    • File:Japanese-Empire-icon.png Empire of Japan - vuilnis indringer van een vervelend eiland! blij dat we ondergronds verzet hebben om je waardeloze marionettenstaat te verzwakken en door de dikke Amerikanen te worden gebombardeerd!
    • ISISball - Vreselijke jihadistische rotzooi!
    • Republic of Vyondball - hahahahaha! Denk je dat het gebruiken van jouw waardeloze kracht van kindermishandeling op mij werkt? denk nog eens na, onvolwassen zwakkeling!
    • Wildenball - Gratis Oost-Filippijnen, jij zoöfiel!
    • Israelcube (Zealandia) - rotzooi joodse zionisten! hoe durf je een van mijn raadsleden in nieuw Rotterdam te vermoorden met je vervelende mensen!
    • Chinaball - Trash Communist Dikke stuk stront bloedzuiger!
    • Googlelandball - I will not forgets yuo on what you did to me at June 7th 2000 yuo coporate capitalist uitschot!
    • Union of the Soviet Socialist Republicsball - Commie uitschot! I'm very happi yuo collapsed in 1991!

    Anderaal's Provinces

    • New Haugecube - My capital beautiful province.
    • Cordenzecball - he has a lot of sheeps in one of his farmlands.
    • Nowahball - just some long boy, nothing else.
    • Westarball - he has some wheatfarms in the plains.
    • Habusburgball - he is a urban province and had signs of crime in it, that's all.
    • Maori Ethno Zoneball - a home for the remaining Maori people. I'm gonna opress them.
    • Gauteaball - he had a ton of industry.
    • Uoldiball - his people are sadly full of hard weed overdosers.
      • : 420
      • : Please stop smoking weed at my face you crackhead.
    • Vutrolball - can't have shit in Vutrol.
    • Eutalraball - he has sompretty corrupted cities but sadly, half of his peoples are predators.
    • Moarusball - he likes gigantic Moa birds.
    • New Rotterdamball - he's just a Rei simp because of his people and he's rebellious against me.
      • : Death to the falangist opressers! Freedom to the people of Ne-
      • : (Suppresses New Rotterdam his people)
    • Mikebergball - Ordinary city, and prob good food
    • Lausball - same as .... he is using blue crystal ""candies"".
    • Zurrdenball - he's the birthprovince of our first leader
    • Olskball - he's suffering from violent gangs in the street and other signs of corruption in his city.
    • Braptunball - he has the worst pollution in his rivers and lakes.
    • Dostunball - same as the last 2, he sniffs cocaine per day.
    • Malaskaball - he's a good yellowfin tuna catcher and makes those delicious seafood dishes.
    • Cherioburgrawr - he's just a pitbull to all my provinces.
    • Welatrawr - he had that fat mukbanger visiting his cities.
    • Judsonbrick - hes a river-trade province.


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