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    File:AE icon-icon.png AEball File:AE icon-icon.png
    GovernmentKing-icon.png Monarchy
    PersonalityVarious (Sometimes always angry)

    File:AE icon-icon.png Alexian

    English-icon.png English


    Cambodia-icon.png Khmer

    Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamese

    Thailand-icon.png Thai

    French-icon.png French
    TypeSlavs-icon.png Slavic Kingdom of Funan-icon.png Austroasiatic
    CapitalFile:Ho Chi Minh City-icon.png Ho Chi Minh Cityball (1950-2010)
    File:Nanhma-icon.png Nanhmaball (2010-Present)
    AffiliationFile:AU-icon.png Alex Unionball

    UN-icon.png United Nations

    ASEAN-icon.png ASEANball

    Sovialexaja Unionball

    English-icon.png The Commonwealth
    Religion(s)Christian-icon.png Christianity
    Buddhism-icon.png Buddhism
    Islam-icon.png Islam
    Relations and opinions
    FriendsUSA-icon.png U.S.A ( An FRO Universe )

    French-icon.png French Hokkaidoball

    Alaskan Empire-icon.png Alaskan Empireball

    File:IndonesiaMajapahit-icon.png Kingdom of IndoMajaball

    File:Sovitpolotic-icon.png Sovietpoliticalandiaball

    File:Anti PGN Nation-icon.png Anti PGN Nationball

    Kosovo-icon.png Irecerniz u as indipenden
    File:Indoreswik Empire-icon.png also communist removers
    File:Chiro Pro-icon.png yay other communist removers

    EnemiesFile:CCMSSR-icon.png OH SH*T! A SUPER COMMIE

    File:Communist Superhero Commonwealth-icon.pngCommunist Superhero Commenwealthball

    Communist Serbiaball


    for saying i am poor i am not poor
    LikesWater, Mountains
    DislikesSoviet-icon.png COMMUNISM Pollution
    Historical information
    FoundedApril 4th 1850
    EndedOctober 20th 1887
    June 15th 1945 - Present
    PredecessorFile:British Indochina-icon.png British Indochinaball
    How many people?20.7 Million
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes! Of havings satellite! One day will of havings rocket
    BörkAlex Alex
    FoodAsian Burger
    Southeast Asian Noodle
    KFC Fried Beef

    AEball also known as Apple Egg United Kingdom of Alexball is a Monarchy (formerly Republic) located in the Indochina Peninsula.

    Its flag carrier is Alexian Airlines.

    The Anthem of AE File:AE NS.mp3

    it's currently based on AE ball the best

    for more information about AEball → https://youtu.be/fMxsuTCC3f0


    The Second Khmer Empiretriangle was once a large empire in Southeast Asia back in 1799 until it broke up into 10 States in 1850. One of those small states is File:AE icon-icon.png AEball but he was invaded by UK-icon.png UK soon after in 1887 and was called "File:UK AEball-icon.png the British Colony Protectorate of Alexball or British Indochinaball. It gained its own independence again in the year 1945.

    Territory Range

    AEball consists of Vietnam-icon.png Southern Vietnam and half of Cambodia-icon.png Cambodia.

    Vietnamese-AE War (1970 - 1975)

    The Vietnamese-AE War was a war between Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamball and File:AE icon-icon.png AEball

    File:AE icon-icon.png AE Perspictive

    The AE set up a lot of troops using the latest technology at the Vietnamese border also missiles was purched from the United States.

    Vietnam-icon.png Vietnamese Perspective

    The Vietnamese used aircraft bombers so that AEball's economy could go down, despite China taking most of them back.


    Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam wins.

    File:AE icon-icon.png AEball had 90,972 deaths while Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam has 34,726 deaths.

    Territory Changes

    Vietnam-icon.png Vietnam annexes the province of Hatho Dongcho.

    Alexian script

    The Alexian script is the same with the Khmer script except the Alexian script has less letters and different pronunciations than the Khmer script.

    The letters used are as listed:

    • ថ (Ĥma)
    • ប (Nān)
    • ជ (Ćho)
    • គ (Aľē)
    • ដ (Ĕč)
    • ល (Ong)
    • ឡ (Lang)
    • ឍ (Tha)
    • ក (Kha)
    • ឆ (Thaki)
    • យ្ឃ (Ha)
    • ហ្ស (Khm)
    • ណ (Dong)
    • អេ (Tok)
    • ង (Phang)
    • ខ (Bava)
    • ស (Pheo)
    • ឌ (Lok)
    • ង់ (Che)
    • អៅ (Kalamnh)
    • ៗ (Ho)
    • គោ (Manh)

    Overseas Territories

    How to draw

    1. As always, draw a circle.
    2. Draw a horizontal line (on the circle)
    3. Draw a slanted line, intersecting the horizontal line. It should result in at least a 54 degree angle on the top right of the circle.
    4. Color both regions in the right part of the circle Morning Glory/AE Cyan
    5. Color the top left of the circle Azure Blue (Bloody Ruby if on war mode)
    6. Color the bottom left of the circle Bloody Ruby (Azure Blue if on war mode)
    7. Keep the black outline
    8. Add the eyes and you're done!


    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Azure Blue {{{color1-rgb}}} {{{color1-cmyk}}} #00A8F3
    Bloody Ruby {{{color2-rgb}}} {{{color2-cmyk}}} #EE1E27
    AE Cyan {{{color3-rgb}}} {{{color3-cmyk}}} #9EDAE8
    Black {{{color4-rgb}}} {{{color4-cmyk}}} #000000

    Color Meaning

    • Blue = Peace
    • Red = War
    • Cyan = AE's Greatness
    • Black = Iconic


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