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    Transcathayball new.png
    Konkord u riznomanitnosti UwU
    Government Federal Parliamentary Republic
    PersonalityNerdy, genius, any other synonym for "smart", educated, peaceful, furry gamer, friendly, lacks a father because he is a furry
    Language(s) Ukrainian


    Type Koreanic


    Affiliation Japanese Commonwealth
    United Nations
    Religion(s) Christianity
    • Orthodoxy
    • Greek Catholicism
    • Roman Catholicism

    Manchu Shamanism

    Relations and opinions
    Friends Everyone, especially:

    Adoptive parents
    Grandpa but not really
    True father
    Iberian sister
    Potato Thief
    Vodka-drinking bear (frenemy)

    Pizza and pasta
    EnemiesNot much due to friendly personality, except:

    Genocidal Titoist Pig (after 1982)
    Abusive mother (very often)
    Republic of Vyondball (frenemy)

    Soviet Unionball
    Likes Father, being a nerd, his family, Angry Birds, RTVM, Mykolaivsk, inventing HDTV, Anime, his food, DnD, Herobrine, creepypastas, Generation Z culture, being a nerd (BOZO DETECTED)
    Dislikes Khuylo chankhoro, my worst nightmare, File:Gyönyörű Földünk-icon.png Smelly terrorists, Weatherstar4000video (He sent innocent characters to my clay which is stupid), File:Hawk Moth-icon.png Gabriel Agreste (for insulting my father)
    Historical information
    FoundedDecember 20, 1919
    How many people?10 Million
    Is of importants
    Can into space?Yes only because of Japan
    BörkUwU OwO, Zeleny zeleny, furry furry
    FoodUkrainian and Northern Japanese cuisine
    I don't know what to put
    Want some pirjagode OwO
    — Malichka when wearing fursuit
    File:Adolf Hitler-icon.png Hitler was right about how he envisioned war in the future.
    You know a country is weird when I, the prime minister of that country, am the father of a popstar who, along with me, are related to the royal family.
    Marko Duganzich

    Furryball Transcathayball, officially the Kingdom of Furries Transcathayball, is Ryu Aoba more European than it's supposed to be Asian a furry countryball located in northeastern Asia. It's got no dad bordered by Russia to the north, 'China to the west, and the Koreas to the east. It has a population of around 10 million and covers an area as big as Austriaball's clay. He can into multi-ethnics, multi-religions and 22 years dictatorship from 1969-91.

    Transcathayball has a furry-like personality but is shown to be a genius, bright, and very innovative, especially in the field of television. In fact, he invented the first working HDTV system in 1990, interactive videogame TV channel in 1993 and the first IPTV service in 1997. He also invented web streaming sites, with CompareTV in 2000 being the first.

    Due to his high number of gamers, Transcathayball is also a gamer-like character. His favorite games are Minecraft and Roblox. His favorite Roblox games are Neon District, Pinewood Computer Core, Ro-Dvoreki (which receives 60 players daily), and Survive the Disasters. He is multi-ethnic: he is fluent in Slovene, Cantonese and English.

    His national day is December 12th.

    Even if the character doesn't have an exact gender (like all the characters in the Polandball universe) it's name is a female noun in the native languages of the country (including Slovene and English)


    Where it all began (1755-1799)

    Some Croatiaballs landed in his clay for the first time in 1755. Though they went broke 9 years later and their trading post closed. That was the first step to colonization by Balkans.

    When I was a cub (1799-1848)

    A bunch of Sloveniaballs landed and set up camp at the confluence of Bistravoda and Modravrvica rivers. They called it Dvoreki, meaning two rivers. Balkanballs then flooded the area and colonized everything else. All fields of the industry brought about prosperity, until...

    All grown up! (1849-1900)

    On December 12th 1849, Malichka became its own country. It was a monarchy ruled by a separatist branch of the Slovenian royal family. Then 6 years later, British immigrants inundated the country, and came to live in the prosperous bliss of the nation.

    My life turns upside down (1901-1945)

    During the first WW, Malichka supported the Allies. And the same for the next, only after the Demonic Tentacle Empire attempted the Dvoreki massacre (Rape of Dvoreki). Luckily they joined the Allies under PM Eric Ford and saved the world from Hitler and his cronies.

    Fall to Dictatorship (1946-1991)

    23 years before the Bjerg regime the Military stopped working routinely. In a Liechtenstein scenario they sent 100 troops only to return with another, having made a Kadsreian friend. The country's army is never active, except in the case of riots. (1991 and 2018 never forget!!!)

    In 1969, File:Brian Bjerg-icon.png Brian Bjerg, descendant of a rich family who owned multi-million dollar companies and properties nationwide, went into office and took his selfishness with him to his presidential duties. He exiled the Royal Family to Slovenia and turned Malichka into an authoritarian republic.

    During the 1970s and 1980s, Malichka's film industry blossomed under the Bjerg rule. Newer films were produced. Bjerg also did genocide on Tupliaball, File:Kuiyat-icon.png Kuiyatball and File:Tumunallah-icon.png Tumunallahball because of suspicions that they were working under Chinese authority. (Malichkan propaganda was often littered with anti-PRC sentiment)

    In 1991, the Great Slay took place, and it ended in Bjerg being deposed of and exiled to the Netherlands. The monarchy was restored and all of its nuclear arsenal had to be dismantled as the Cold War had ended by now.

    Into the new millennium...(2000 and beyond)

    Hardcore hero David Watson attempted to assassinate the leader of the Communist Party in 2001, then managed to stop Osama bin Laden before he could even start 9/11. In same year, Bjerg was executed for crimes against humanity after he pleaded guilty.

    File:Malaysia masking as Slovenia.png
    The truth about Transcathayball's mum (Drawing by Daniharut)

    Five years later, in 2006, Watson became Prime Minister and made Malichka into a better place, just as good as US (except no terrorism and rare gang violence.) Like Duterte (10 years later), he did war on drugs, but instead of murdering drug users, they arrested them instead.

    And another 5 years later, all of the stability Watson had provided was gone, because he left office due to rigged elections by Marko Duganzich, a brutal gang leader, actor/film director, and a dictator a bit less worse than Bjerg. But he worshiped Hitler and Nazism as if they were his life, which is untrue as the Nazis were way worse than Satan. Due to another revolution coup 7 years later he left office and managed to seek asylum in the US. He was then excommunicated from his church due to having been a horrible dictator.

    Today Malichka has US-level standards of living and Singapore-level learning standards. The average IQ is 110, making them smartest country in the world. They even got credited with inventing HDTV and experimented with online television. His astrological sign is Sagittarius.

    Malichkan Mathematics is known for its use of the Parabolic Arches just as Singapore Math is known for the Bar Models.


    Malichka is the nerdiest country in the world. He is known for being a computer and math nerd. He does some of the most impossible experiments, like inventing HDTV in 1990 and a Playin' TV prototype in 1993.

    He is also a Generation Z culture nerd, as he is shown to like gaming and the furry fandom. He is a furry, and his Generation Zs are mostly furries. Among the most famous are Gary Mann Shepard (real name George Myers) and Huskalupus (Eric Bjerg). He has the 2nd most furries in the world, beaten by Germany and beating the US.

    He has a DJ on skis (Antun Lam-Davidović) and a surfer rapper (Brian Stevens-Vučić) who are most famous. He is known for the addictive drink called Pirjagode, a mixed berry wine that becomes more and more irresistible and craving for with every sip, but it has no alcohol, even if it's a wine (most wines are called alcoholic drinks)

    He exists as Huskalupus, his fursona, and his normal self. Whenever he puts on the fursuit, he enjoys a 5-7 second ruffle on his chest and acting like a fluffy cute puppy dog. The fursuit is so snug and tight-fitting that it feels like it's one with him.

    His mother Sloveniaball is frequently depicted in comics featuring herself and Transcathayball as being actually his friend Malaysiaball in disguise. In most cases, he is seen working for Belgiumball, portrayed as the leader of a nameless secret agent organization. The reason for this running gag is that in 2013, during a visit to Brussels, the Malaysian ambassador to Belgium was mistaken by the King for a Slovenian official.

    How to draw

    1. Fill a circle with bright crimson.
    2. Draw a white zigzag with the second being taller than the other two, then a medium blue version on top, then back to bright crimson and finally to medium blue.
    3. Color the space below the last zigzag into blue.
    4. Draw three six-pointed tangerine yellow stars on top of the zigzag.
    5. Draw the eyes and you're finished.

    Flag colors

    Color Name RGB CMYK HEX
    Alizarin crimson 237, 28, 36 0, 88, 85, 7 #ed1c24
    Medium blue 0, 0, 192 100, 100, 0, 25 #0000c0
    Tangerine yellow 255, 201, 14 0, 21, 95, 0 #ffc90e
    White 255, 255, 255 0, 0, 0, 0 #ffffff


    • Smrekavoda - Where my capital is. Most urbanized of all nine states. The core of Malichka.
      • File:Dvoreki-icon.png Dvorektangle - My capital on the south-east coast of the country. Basically it's Manila, Ljubljana, Belgrade, London and Kuala Lumpur combined. Not very anschlussy.
    • Modrigozdnihrib - Wheat, wheat, and more wheat.
    • Borovničevgozd - Birthplace of the hypnotic drink we call pirjagode. Delicious food.
    • Svetiandrij - Lot of British immigrants.
    • Borov Sad - Is not of sad. Gib apple picking plox!
    • Novi Maribor - Surfing Rapper is from here! Southernmost state, lot of beaches.
    • Devetzmajev - Slovenian name of Kowloon. (Please do not confuse with the real Kowloon) Coldest and northernmost state, lots of Viking heritage.
    • Triborove - Skiing DJ is from here! Site of the RTVM sitcom 3 Boro Weenies (We're not of insultings you, BTW) Lots of mountains and ski resort towns.
    • Zahodni Otoki - Stolen clay from North Korea and South Korea. Lot of Korean heritage because of that.



    • Sloveniaball - Mother, most of our culture borrowed from her. Approves of my furry behavior. We are same alpine climate, especially in north! Wait a minute...I of seeings zipper on back...Oh no! She is not of Slovenija! She is of gamer prijatelje Malezija! I better call moj Grandpa Britanija! (screaming) That was joke, but still of paranoids about Slovenija being actually of Malezija in disguise. OwO. But stop hating my cousin Kosovo for being Albanian. (Idk why, but Slovenija is always salty about Auntie Albania.) 
    • Taiwanball - Now that's the China I remember. My true mother who hates my disgraceful stepmother, she abandoned me for Sloveniaball or Malaysiaball (if applicable), but I continued to support yuo during my File:Brian Bjerg-icon.png edgy phase. Is actually of the 1912 form of China in hiding. Removes copycat dimsum from premises! She is of real dimsum and not my daddy! Long live the Real China šašašašaša!
    • UKball - Grandad, he introduced us to tea. Most influence in Svetiandrij state. He has biggest empire in world. Please, give Ireland his northern part back. He desperately needs it. Same with Argentina and Falklands. Unlike Mama Slovenija, he doesn't approve of my furry habits, and thinks I'm gay. (I IS NOT OF GAY YOU PIZDA) Is of worried that moj Mama Slovenija is secretly his son Malezija dressed as her, especially when she arrives with zipper on back and has different voice and accent. Thanks for recognizing cousin šašaša
    • Norwayball - Adoptive stepfather whose peoples immigrated to north. Brutal mythologies and recognizes cousin Kosovo. Approves of my furry fad šašašaša
    • Swedenball - Adoptive stepmother, same as above. Please make Estonia can into Nordic. Also thanks for Minecraft, furniture store and delicious meatballs. But remove PewDiePie vs T-Series war plox.
    • Denmarkball - Granny. I love your Lego toys, and lot of Lego collectors living in Malichka. Recognizes my cousin and removes Rakija from premises. She banned the rapper Lil Pump from her clay 2 years one time in 2018. Why? Pump possessed cannabis which is illegal in Denmark, then he livestreamed himself giving the cops a bad finger! How ruthless! No wonder he got banned.
    • Finlandball - My adoptive uncle who thinks he is nonexistent. (You exist, Finland) He kicks ass and I love his songs, especially Darude - Sandstorm. I also love his phones, especially the legendary invincible Nokia 3310 phone, and his video games, especially the one with the birds on slingshots, but I hate the fact he hates Donald Duck for having no pants. He recognizes my cousin.
    • Philippinesball - Friend in SEA. Likes gaming too. Unlike PH, I is into Minecraft and Roblox, while PH likes Mobile Legends (Is of overrated, EimaJolum >>> Moonton) He also hates Papa Kitajska for bullying him and stealing some islands in South China Sea. Remove Spratly dispute, Spratly is of independent! And recognize my cousin. Gib adobo šašašaša
    • Kosovoball - Half-Albanian cousin descended from Aunt Shqip. People think of him as being of uncle's clay. Keep on removing demonic Uncle Rakija! You can into independent! Also stop bullying Gypsies because they are of Europa too.
    • USAball - My step-uncle and son of grandpa. Makes best films in world. Also makes the creepypastas I enjoy reading! Animals living in his forests live in mine too! I also like your toys, and Malichka has lots of toy collectors! Lots of youtubers in clay like Jake Paul and DrDisrespect live there, and manufacturer of gaming equipment as well. He is the birthplace of the furry fandom, my most favorite hobby of all! Some of my furries now moved to his clay, but still. I love your cuisine, your culture and you. Best uncle of world šašašaša! I feel sorry for you since that darn Japanese knockoff stole your food and parts of your culture. He even sheltered my latest dictator when he fled there.
    • File:New Bosnia-icon.png New Bosniaball - You're a cyborg too? Haha, nice.
    • New Sloveniaball - Heh, you seem to like Ryu and supported me back in the 1970s against File:Tumunallah-icon.png Tumunallahball. Also you're my sister.
    • Hong Kongball - My brother and furry friend who is descended from grandpa Britanija. He is a cute furry too! I stand with your grandpa against our abusive mother.
    • Macauball - Brother who likes to drive his racing car around the race track. Is descended from Portugal.
    • Japanball - Neighbor's neighbor and Uncle. I am of huge otaku, like your cultures and automobiles (Even if I have some of my own). Sorry if I ripped off your Super Sentai, my step-uncle did the same anyway. I feel bad for you since El Kadsreball stole your cultures and flag and America's food. Still, I like your cars, animes, and especially, your video games such as Mario, Sonic and Animal Crossing. You are my most favorite neighbor!
    • File:South-Korea-icon.png South Koreaball - Neighbor and also aunt who invented CS:GO and Maplestory. Not many of your youths listen to K-Pop, I have my own called M-Pop (Skidude specifically.) But stop hating on Skidude!!! I just found out some of his youths love Skidude. I also like your food (samgyupsal, kimbap etc.) and your Joseon-era culture. Nevertheless, please f**k off and remove overrated K-Pop from premises. Zahodni Otoki is rightfully mine and that is final yuo cannot do anything about it šašašašašaša.
    • File:Al Dereba-icon.png Al Derebaball - Oceanian version of me! Used me as a backdrop in spy films.
    • Qatarball - Best kebabs, richest in Middle East (and world). Your average IQ is 78 and mine is 110, but still. I like his briyani and news channel Aljazeera.
    • Malaysiaball - Adoptive uncle (through UKball) which I treat like my friend (Even though name stealer). Like Philippines, he is obsessed with overrated Mobile Legends. Creator of Minecraft Knighters which is of tokusatsu-styled, like neighbor's Super Sentai which step uncle stole borrowed. But remove Speedy Video because worst CGI 1996! Still, I like your cartoons like Chuck Chicken and Ejen Ali. But please stop posing as my mother! No wonder I can into paranoid she is actually of yuo in disguise! But we both like my aunt and my cousin.
    • Israelcube - Lot of Jews living in my clay. Even Germany recognize your genocide? Great!
    • Portugalball - My uncle, the same father of my racecar driving brother Macauball. Knows that Mama Slovenija is secretly prijatelje Malezija dressed as her. His pasteis is also of my File:Ind-HK-icon.png brother's egg-tart.
    • Tringapore - Triangular Southeast Asian brother and the Asian equivalent of the perpetually-neutral guy with a vault in the Alps named Švica. But REMEMBER WHAT ONE OF YOUR PEOPLE DID TO MY BEST HIP HOP ARTIST!!! REMOVE RIZWAN ISMAIL BIN IZZUDIN/JACK MCFADDEN/AK DAWG! It doesn't matter, since I like your food (Including Maggi, best noodles in Asia, alongside mine!) Knows that moj Mama Slovenija is secretly his father Malezija dressed as her, but only notices when there is of zipper on her back.
    • Switzerlandball - My wealthy and perpetually-neutral Alpine European friend. We have our own fetishes too! Likes chocolate and charcuterie-delicatessens with fondue. Is really rich, has big vault in Alps and has rich chocolate.
    • Netherlandsball - Has nice DJs. Can you play "Animals" on my next Independence Day please? Also, remove weed addiction. Knows that moj Mama Slovenija is secretly his nephew  Malezija dressed as her, if she sound like him and has zipper on back. Congrats for winning Evropesma 2019!
    • Patagoniaball - We can into diversity, he has good food and can into furry gamer like me. He also into Duganzich's birthplace even though he is a slabo sometimes. Ryu is of his descent too. Wait, you made a book about someone's mom being his disguised friend? Now I know where Malezija got this idea.
    • Canadaball - Canuck friend and cousin descended from grandpa and Francija. My step-cousin, she likes hockey (and beating up her enemies with her hockey stick) and is much better than that demonic Rakija who abuses me! Stop bullying gypsies plox.
    • Renocube - Son of canuck. I wonder why he no recognize Kosovo.
    • File:Gameland-icon.png Gamerlandiaball - Gamer haven. IDK why he also hates Kosovo.
    • File:Skeldia-icon.png Skeldiablock - Based on Among Us, same with Gamerland and Renocube.
    • File:Furry Island-icon.gif Furry Islandball - My furry bro. He is an island with lots of furries. UwU
    • Autotopiaball - The place where talking cars live. Also, I heard that many Malichka Autos live in his clay.
    • Gypsyball - I gib u rights and wagon parking spaces in Dvoreki. I also ban all forms of antiziganism for yuo. I can also into Nevimata on RTVM 4!
    • The Potato Trio - The Europotatoes who always have their potatoes raided by The Potato Thief in order to make his fries.
      • Latviaball - Sister who likes potatoes.
      • Belarusball - Slavic Potato friend.
      • Irelandball - Potato cousin, adopted by grandpa.
    • Belgiumball - Trilingual Northwestern European friend. I sometimes call him The Potato Thief because he steals my cousins' potatoes in order to make his fries, as well as the monies of my other EU friends. But don't add mayonnaise to moj fries please! It makes me wanna vomit! *bleeaargghhhh* It doesn't matter, since I am not much into fries (Except Potato Corner, made by my best friend in SEA). Thanks for recognizing my cousin! Apparently Malezija is working for him undercover as my mama Slovenija.
    • Germanyball - You are of furry like me. OwO. BTW, don't let Evil Rectangle take over you, and don't force Grčija to pay debt plox.
    • Austriaball - We have best desserts in world too! Gib McDonald's Chocolate Vanilla Pie plox!
    • Estoniaball - We are best in skiing! Don't worry, you can into Nordic one day. Also we both recognize my cousin Kosovo.
    • Australiaball - Not to be confused with Austria. Is descended from my grandpa Britanija. Also why the emu issue? Anyway you are good cousin, you kick ass and act like a Wild Westerner.
    • Romaniaball - Vampire werewolf friend. Stop bullying gypsies plox.
    • Moldovaball - Romania's sister, thanks for your great act in my stepfather's clay during Eurovision 2010! Also thanks for Dragostea din Tei meme šašašašaša
    • Bulgariaball - Badass gamer friend who is prankster. Gib rose šašašaša
    • Czechiaball - Aunt. Gib Trilogit and mozzarella sandwich plox! We also have same fetish! But fix your drinking habits like File:Javoria-icon.png Javoriaball said.
    • Slovakiaball - Uncle who is not to be confused with my mother who is really my prijatelje/uncle in a costume. Hates the fact that Madžarska stole his coat of arms, or the other way around (depending on whoever views it). We have same fetish!
    • My Central European aunties and uncles:
      • Hungaryball - Aunt who speaks gibberish. If Uncle Romania was Dracula, she would be his Van Helsing. She is Finno-Ugric blood, but is not related to Mongolia whatsoever.
      • Montenegroball - Aunt, really small country.
      • Albaniaball - Lovely aunt. Your child is of independent, not of my  demon uncle's clay.
      • Croatiaball - Aunt who likes ćevapčići.
      • Bosniaball - Aunt who is the mother of my "troublemaker" cousin  Republika Srpska.
      • North Macedoniaball - Aunt (I don't speak her language, sorry) Gib Macedonian buttered beans stew plox! And congratulations for 7th place at Evropesma 2019!
    • Ukraineball - I support her claim in the Crimea dispute. But Crimea hates you because she became puppet of Russiaball.
    • File:Bostogia-icon.png Bostogiaball - We are both Asian Slavs.
    • File:Rangastan-icon.png Rangastancube - (Natemare2006, type it in)
    • Italyball - My aunt. I like your food and your alps in the north. Now we are copying yuor Italopop songs šašašašaša!!! Especially FEDEZ, which we turn into a panda called Nightclub Panda (Real name Frederik Kocijančič). Šašašaša, have some pizza dumplings. Please no hate me
    • EUball - Stop bullying my piggy friends or telling them to pay debts. But Slovenija is in your allieance.
    • My piggy friends
      • Portugalball
      • Irelandball
      • Italyball
      • Greeceball - She can into good mythology.
      • Spainball - Mother of my best friend in SEA, but...(see Neutral section)
    • Eruowoodball - You have as many roadgeeks as I have furries.
    • File:Gartonia-icon.png Territory of Kampucheaball - US colony in Asia, eh? Cool.


    • Serbiaball IRL - We don't have problems in real life. Just stop bullying Muslims plox! And let go of my cousin and stop bullying my aunt!!! File:Malichka-icon (tangle).png Otherwise... File:Malichka-icon (tangle).png
    • Russiaball - We are same Slav but I hate you much less than Evil Uncle. Crimea is Ukraine, stop whining about Crimea being yours. Learn to respect others' opinions please. And cousin is rightfully independent. Do you hear me? Šašašaša your hardbass is being copied!!! And stop hurting Ukraine!!!
    • iSorrowproductions - Stop saying grandma doesn't exist.
    • Republika Srpskaball - Is of fake country!!! Is of troublemaker!!! OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH! REPUBLIKA SRPSKA! HOW DARE YOU EXIST! THAT'S IT! YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR 12345678987654321000000000000 YEARS! GO TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW! Just joking, but still. Please behave and be a good boy. But even if you misbehave I won't treat you like Curve Bro or Hammer Bro, because Weatherstar4000video sucks for treating me like a third-world country.  Uncle Malezija hates him and says he is of rightful Bosnian clay, but I don't.
    • Aliens - Not heard much about them.
    • Armeniaball - Delicious Boeregs and Lavash, but why are you Islamophobic? Oh...I know you hate Turkeyball for the genocide. I recognize your genocide but I am friends with Turkey and Azerbaijan, so sorry.
    • Osimoči - Please stop f***ing up the world. You should have never allied with Satanic Tentacles. I like you two even if I stood with Allies. Also, Nazi, stop murdering millions of Jews, they are of same Europeans!!! Remove Holocaust!!! At least they are gone...
    • Marko Duganzich - Makes best films in the country. But, remember 2018 plox. He also dressed as terrorist-gamer-gopnik-thing like Bjerg (see below) during the conflict. He resided in Uncle Burger's clay after removal from office.
    • Spainball (mostly) - STOP ABUSING CATALONIABALL, HE DID NOTHING WRONG TO YOU! HE JUST WANTED INDEPENDENCE, NOTHING MORE!!! File:Malichka-icon (tangle).png Or I'll just take him away from yuo myself šašašašaša! File:Malichka-icon (tangle).png But she's the mother of Philippinesball.
    • Franceball - Complicated relationship. On the good side: you have your Eiffel, I have my Tower 120! You have your Gâteau Opéra, I have my zemelpogača! You have your Paris, I have my Dvoreki! And you have your world-famous wines, I have my world-famous Pirjagode (which has no alcohol)! But on to the bad side...REMOVE MIRACULOUS LADYBUG AND FANBASE FROM PREMISES!!! THE VILLAIN OF SHOW IS OF INSULTED MY CAPITAL!!! HE ALSO MAKES MY PEOPLE AND MY NEIGHBORJAPAN'S VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS LOOK EVIL!!! (I'm talking about the episode where Gabriel acted racist to the Malichkans, insulted Dvoreki and remarked that he wants to akumatize literally everyone in the city, then akumatized their Prime Minister to take over their country and caused him to look like the bad guy) IS OF TERRIBLE AND ANNOYING SHOW!!! REMOVE LADYBUG FROM THE PREMISES!!! To be honest, I like your foods (baguette, wine, chocolate). I feel really bad for you since your people want to end unbearably high taxes. Is of another revolution happening in your clay now? Idk, but just cancel this racist show. And don't listen to the show's whiny fanbase! Is just a bunch of equally-whiny teenage girls. They should be watching the show with the adorable white bunny and his best friend chick instead.
    • The Piggydogs - My cousin hates you because you don't recognize him. Snap out of horrible uncle's influence please. And also, please stop annoying my cousin with your "Kosovo je Srbija" bulls**t. He is independent and no more. We're now neutral, because Slovakia and Romania are my uncles and Russia is my Slav brother. Nevertheless, stop listening to Rakija and start listening to my cousin, he is rightfully a free country.
    • El Kadsreball - Bully and friend (depending on the situation), we can into very complicated relationship. I like your tokusatsus, especially futuristic insect-like cyborg, and your energy drink, which is almost like pirjagode but in blue version. But please stop ripping off from grandma's toys. And please stop ripping off my  neighbor's culture and flag and my uncle's cuisine. YOU ARE OF BULLY AND CULTURE STEALER!!! REMOVE TECHNIC!!! REMOVE BLITZIVAN!!! BLITZAR IS OF ORIGINAL!!! TBH, El Kadsre's tokus are pretty decent. We are both of G21 and we can into rich. You even helped me during the 1991 and 2018 riots. But still, remove fake Blitzar, you bully. Get a life and stop stealing from other people's cultures. Also, why you airings Francija's racist show?!
    • Republic of Vyondball - He likes animation a lot and we both hate Chinaball and Trump but WHY DO YOU SUPPORT WEATHERSTAR4000VIDEO AND OTHER TOXIC VYONDERS?! YOU KNOW THAT THEY SUPPORT CHILD ABUSE LIKE YOU DO! Also, cousin is of independent šašaša
    • File:Brian Bjerg-icon.png Brian Bjerg - Is of rich and own lots of companies, but make me look like third-world countries! REMOVE DICTATOR!!! Also, you wearings of Slav costume during coup. Rusija will not be of happy!2001 AND 2013 BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE!!! YOU HAVE DISGRACED THE MALICHKANS!!! REMOVE FROM PREMISES!!!
    • File:New Artsakh-icon (Giorno Giovanna).png New Artsakhball - Jojo lover but WHAT THE HELL, STOP SUPPORTING THAT NO GOOD MYANMAR AGAINST THE ROHINGYAS AND ALSO STOP BULLYING KOSOVO!!!


    • ISISball - Everyone hates him.
    • Chinaball - Words aren't enough to describe the hatred much of the world has for you, disgraceful mother! You have failed your children and your ancestors! You are easily the worst country in existence, for you have created puppets that I had to slay for my own good, and tormented and abused your kids for a while! You have very poor environmental standards that are affecting the world too! And even worse, you violate copyright when you make knockoff brands out of existing brands! But I haven't told you yet one of your worst secrets if not the worst: You torture and brainwash tons of innocent Uyghurs and Hong Kongers who just want to be left alone into worshipping your two false gods! That does it! No pirjagode and Ryu Aoba for yuo, horrible mother! You have faced a very slow and horrifying death at the hands of NATOball, and now you will face eternal torture in Hell for your actions against the world! Taiwanball will always be the one and only, and not you! Although I do like your culture, but your government is and always will be the worst government the world has ever seen!
    • Reichtangle - Yuo cannot into anschluss me šašašašašašašaša. Even mama hate yuo.
    • Pakistanball - REMOVE FAKE SONIC!!! SAME AS BANGLADESH!!! WORST CGI 2004!!! Although you are kebab.
    • File:Lanesonida-icon.png Lanesonidaball - File:Islina-icon.png ISLINA IS NOT YOURS! STUPID SERBIA WANNABE!
    • Austriaball (Only in American Football) - 5-9 means, I defeat you in Burger Football šašaša.
    • Gypsy haters (sometimes) - Stop hating on Gypsy! He is of European as well! Remove antiziganism! But most of them are my relatives.
    • Villain Commonwealthball - No, I support your sworn enemies, not you! Stop saying I make a worthy villain! Get the heck away from me you maggot! Remove evil!
    • Donald Trash - You are a racist. Period. End of story. Even Evropa hates you. Stop taking over Tower 120 and renaming it to Trump Tower Dvoreki, because it is rightfully mine. And just look at what you've done! REMOVE TRUMP FROM PREMISES!!! And don't you ever think about trying to build a stupid wall around my entire territory, because it would be the most idiotic thing a president could do. Oh, how you shouldn't have been acquitted on the terms of impeachment. You deserve to be impeached and removed from presidency, because you are a racist, do you hear me?! Šašašašašaša, you are no longer president of USA! Go die in helicopter crash yuo racist negrophobic scum!
    • Heat waves - No need to explain.
    • File:Tumunallah-icon.png Tumunallahball - Even though I killed him back in 1984 because of File:Brian Bjerg-icon.png Bjerg, his ghost still hates me because I killed File:Kuiyat-icon.png monster and he also calls me his worst enemy ever! I deserve to kill Kuiyat because he is friends with my traitorous mother! Also, stop comparing me to Satan!
    • Wcsoaball - Pssst! You prekleto! What business do you have talking to your File:Tumunallah-icon.png dead friend and getting him to annex me? I support Autotopiaball also. Other than that we both recognize Kosovoball.
    • North Koreaball - You are a Fake Korea and a puppet of the late USSR. Glory to your capitalist sister aka South Koreaball!
    • Serbiaball (Since 2010) - Yuo're my good uncle, but...KOSOVO IS INDEPENDENT! YOU HEAR ME? INDEPENDENT! CUT IT WITH "KOSOVO JE SRBIJA" YUO IRREDENTIST! He also has this army of disgusting pigs who all worship him and recognize Kosovo as being part of your clay. Even worse, he bullies  the poor gypsies and removes them from his premises, but they already have literally NO clay to settle on. You're just as bad as that Pricktangle and Demonic Octopus. And stop whining about "Kosovo je Srbija". I tell you, he is independent! No more! But gib sarma and cevapi šašaša
    • Boliviaball - Šašašašaša you cannot into sea, because you will not get sea! I support Chileball against yuo! Remove salteñas! Empanada x Pirjagode for life!
    • Thomas Astruc - Now that I make yuo make a Hawk Moth Wins episode, I now reward you by...declaring yuo persona non grata! Šašašašaša!!! And never come back you racist prekleto!
    • Empire of Japanball - Thanks for almost raping my capital. Remove tentacle sushi!
    • Tupliaball - YOU MONSTER!!! YOU KILLED ME IN AN ALTERNATE TIMELINE!!! AND YOU ANSCHLUSS ME?! THAT'S IT! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU BLOODY MURDERER! I SUPPORT THE CAPITALISTS AGAINST YOU!!! Guess who got anschlussed now! I killed and annexed you under the File:Brian Bjerg-icon.png Bjerg regime!
    • Zgvtoball - A no-good communist car hater who behaves like Cuba - he does not allow any car made after 1949. So I can just hope for him to be annexed by Autotopiaball and for all his people to become humanoid cars. That way his worst nightmare comes true.
    • File:Kuiyat-icon.png Kuiyatball - Stop being friends with traitorous mother! Plus she's dead anyway so keep on crying you kurva! Stop thinking she will anschluss you because she's dead! Thank goodness my File:Brian Bjerg-icon.png edgy phase anschlussed and genocided yuo along with your so-called comrade!
    • Soviet Unionball - You are the one force behind my mother's corruption. You are the one who made her into the disgrace she is now, so you have to be worse than her by a mile! You brainwashed her you kurva! Never come back again you communist fool!
    • File:Gyönyörű Földünk-icon.png Gyönyörű Földünkball - He invades Kadsrejska so I hate him. I only support him when Kadsrej becomes my worst enemy. (El Kadsre and I can into complicated relationship.)


    • Qingball - Ancestor
    • Slavballs - Ancestors
    • UKball - Grandfather
    • Denmarkball - Grandmother
    • Sloveniaball - Mother who is actually my gamer friend in disguise
    •  Chinaball - Father
    • Japanball - Uncle
    • South Koreaball - Aunt
    • Englandball - Adoptive brother
    • Scotlandball - Adoptive brother
    • Walesball - Adoptive brother
    • Norwayball - Adoptive stepfather
    • Swedenball - Adoptive stepmother
    • Finlandball - Adoptive uncle
    • Bulgariaball - Uncle
    • Romaniaball - Uncle
    • Moldovaball - Uncle
    • Portugalball - Uncle
    • Serbiaball - Uncle who hates my cousin
    • Slovakiaball - Uncle
    • Malaysiaball - Uncle who is dressed as my mother
    • Taiwanball - Aunt
    • Hungaryball - Aunt
    • Czechiaball - Aunt
    • Albaniaball - Aunt
    • Croatiaball - Aunt
    • Bosniaball - Aunt
    • Montenegroball - Aunt
    • Italyball - Aunt
    • USAball - Step-uncle
    • Canadaball - Step-aunt
    • Hong Kongball - Brother
    • Tringapore - Brother
    • Macauball - Sister
    • Kosovoball - Cousin
    • Republika Srpskaball - Cousin
    • Australiaball - Cousin
    • New Zealandball - Cousin
    • Irelandball - Cousin
    • Northern Irelandball - Cousin
    • Bruneiball - Cousin
    • South Africaball - Cousin
    • Lithuaniaball - Brother
    • Latviaball - Sister
    • File:New Bosnia-icon.png New Bosniaball - Cousin
    • File:Al Dereba-icon.png Al Derebaball - Cousin
    • File:Bostogia-icon.png Bostogiaball - Cousin
    • New Sloveniaball - Sister


    • Malichka invented HDTV in 1990 and interactive television in 1993 with the TeleArcade system, made between RTVM and several other game developers.
    • The national languages are also the official languages.
    • Majority of Generation Zs in Malichka are furries, and at least 20% of Baby Boomers are furries, giving Malichka the highest furry population in the world, tied with Germany.
    • Most Post-Millenials in Malichka have a masking fetish.
    • Malichka has a large cosplay community.
    • Malichka has only been a republic for 22 years.


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